Voice Buddy Review 2021 Save Money On Voiceovers!

VoiceBuddy Review – What Is VoiceBuddy?

As you know, We all know that having text to speech is a very effective device when it’s done right with Voice Buddy.

However, we have actually seen that the majority of text to speech devices simply do not supply high quality results as well as sound like a robotic struggling with mental deterioration.

So this group obtained hard to work with a solution.

Voice Buddy

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And that’s where VoiceBuddy happened.

VoiceBuddy encomposses the best of both worlds when it involves text to speech modern technology.

Merely stated, they’ve incorporated Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly into one software platform and also added a lots of features too.

Trust me, there’s absolutely nothing on the marketplace like this. But the actual allure will certainly be what you can do with this modern technology. Let me explain:

There are lots of methods you can use text to speech technology as well as make a profit. However none of them are more prevalent than producing videos.

And that’s where VoiceBuddy will certainly beam. You will certainly be definitely thrilled when you learn you can churn out high quality all-natural appearing sound without a ton of headache.
Wish to consist of breaks at specific areas like all-natural breathing? Not a problem

Wish to add emphasis in particular locations? Easy Peasy.

Voice Buddy encomposses the best of both globes when it concerns message to speech modern technology. Merely mentioned, the makers combined Google Wave Internet and Amazon.com Polly into one software system as well as included a ton of attributes also.

Now before you say, “I’ve already seen that before” … believe me … you have not. Count on us, there’s absolutely nothing on the marketplace similar to this. But the actual appeal will be what you can do with this innovation.

Voice Buddy

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Allow us explain … Due to the fact that VoiceBuddy is one of the first couple of applications (if not the initial) to combine both Google Wave Web and also Amazon.com Polly into one easy to use platform.

There are several means you can make use of message to speech technology and also earn a profit. But none are more prevalent than developing videos. And that’s where Voice Buddy will certainly radiate. You will certainly be definitely delighted when you discover you can churn out excellent quality natural seeming sound without a lots of inconvenience.

Voice Buddy Bonus

The result? The real world like human voices that are definitely impressive! Yet the most effective component is all the things you can do with the voice overs that VoiceBuddy produces. Actually, there’s one point that you can execute to replace your earnings.

Intend to see what it is? Do not wait to have a look at the following parts of this VoiceBuddy Review as I’ll reveal you exactly how effective it is!

Simply this alone, integrated with creating discussions of videos you can utilize on your sites and even your YouTube channels will have a mass charm.

Picture the revenue you and your customers can make from YouTube alone with this innovation!

While there are a ton of unbelievable attributes, they have actually additionally made VoiceBuddy an outright cinch to use.

Even if you have little to no technological expertise.

It only takes 3 easy steps:

[+] Step 1: Select your language as well as voice

[+] Step 2: Paste your message into Voice Buddy

[+] Step 3: Click to produce your sound

In a matter of mins, VoiceBuddy will certainly spit out a new sound data that sounds exceptionally human.

VoiceBuddy Review– VoiceBuddy Features
Best of all, there’s no knowing contour when it involves using VoiceBuddy. It’s terrific for skilled marketing professionals and also newbies alike.

Full Income

However don’t take our word for it. You can pay attention to some examples right here on this page.

Likewise, you can see a full fledged demonstration of VoiceBuddy in action listed below too.

Nonetheless, when you examine all the information on this web page, you’ll see why many individuals enjoy VoiceBuddy.

It’s due to the fact that VoiceBuddy includes:

‘ 141’ Voices To Select from
‘ 33’ Languages To Choose Also!
A User Friendly Control Panel
The Straightforward Yet Effective Text To Speech Editor that lets you
set the emphasis, pitch, speed of speech, stops, as well as much more

Voice Buddy

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Who Should Utilize It?
This tool appropriates for those who use video clips extremely commonly for their organizations.

Pros and Cons

– Easy to use

– you can customize the voice

– import message from any type of URL

– the in-built video clip developer

– Auto-upload videos on social networks as well as Youtube


There is no cons from this device up until now.

Cost as well as Just How To Buy It?
VoiceBuddy has 1 Front-End and 4 OTOs:

– Front-End (VoiceBuddy– Starting from $21.97) (See Information).

Audio with Complete Modification.

( 500 words duplicate & paste right into English language voice-over).

Voice Buddy Pricing

VoiceBuddy Review– Conclusion.
Many thanks for reviewing my VoiceBuddy review today.

VoiceBuddy is 100% cloud based so there’s nothing for you to set up. It services every computer, where there’s internet.

However the main factor you’ll enjoy VoiceBuddy is that not only will it conserve you hundreds of bucks in voice over prices, but VoiceBuddy provides every time, in a timely manner with no objections or awful mindsets that you in some cases obtain from consultants.

It’s as easy as pasting your text, making a few changes that you really feel essential, as well as VoiceBuddy will give you a brand new naturally appearing audio data in an issue of mins!

Attributes of Voice Buddy.
You’ll be amazed in all of the high quality voices readily available inside of VoiceBuddy. Nothing resembles natural sounding speech to message. There are 141 of voices to select from.

As we’ve discussed previously, the designers have incorporated Google Wave Internet and also Amazon.com Polly into the Voice Buddy platform. Consequently you’ll get the most effective of both worlds!

English isn’t the only popular language today. That’s why they have actually seen to it to consist of numerous languages within VoiceBuddy. In this manner you can create audio in several of one of the most prominent languages today without missing a beat. There are 33 languages to select from.

Voicebuddy is easy to use also for newbies. Pay attention, they have actually used VoiceBuddy extremely easy right out eviction. You merely can not mess this up. Even if you have the technical abilities of a blind neanderthal!

Voice Buddy Dashboard

It truly is easy as complying with 3 actions. Yet, if you desire a little bit advanced capacities, VoiceBuddy can do that as well … and we’ll reveal you how.

100% customization with Voice Buddy at your fingertips.

No other message to speech platform comes close!

Other message to speech software program apps either include Google Wave Internet or Amazon Polly. Where’s the value in that? This, in our opinion, is exceptionally underwhelming.

We wanted to up the stakes so we’ve set both into VoiceBuddy. However that’s only the beginning. There’s likewise these extraordinary functions like:.

Voice Buddy Has an Easy to use dashboard.

Every little thing is right where you require it. No clicking around trying to find the tools to use. The design is made to see to it you can start creating premium quality text to speech quickly.

Text to speech editor in Voice Buddy.

You’ll additionally be able to modify all of your message you take into VoiceBuddy at a minute’s notification. The broad format ensures you can brush over your text with ease.

Voice Buddy

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Include Notes To Each Sound File.
Had a concept for a particular audio? No concerns. Just click to include notes to any type of audio as well as you’ll never forget your ideas and how to use that audio in the future.

Locate Previously Created Audios Easily.
We make sure that as soon as you get going with Voice Buddy, you’re going to be producing lots of audio files from text. That’s why we have actually made finding any audio simple just by doing a simple search.

Voice Buddy Solution

100% cloud based.
No need to install anything. You’ll likewise love the truth that Voice Buddy doesn’t need you to download and install or set up anything. This works with every gadget you have.

Does not matter if you have a PC, Mac, Chromebook, Tablet Computer, or Smart device. If you wish to generate speech from text, just simply log in from your tool, add your manuscript and also click submit. And in a few mins, you’ll have a fresh new audio documents prepared to bring in audiences.

Voice Buddy

Export as well as use with any software application you choose.
The terrific aspect of Voice Buddy is that you can download and install every audio you develop promptly and quickly by mp3 style. This will certainly permit you to import to every feasible software program available since mp3 is the normal style that a great deal of software application take nowadays.

No matter the app. We guarantee that the audio you download from Voice Buddy will play perfectly with every solitary one.

Plus, you can additionally:.

Set Focus Just How You Like.
Set Claim As.
Set The Pitch of Your Sound.
Change The Speed of Speech.
Establish Breaks For Extra All-natural Talking.
Set Paragraph Breaks.
Establish Sentence Breaks.

Voice Buddy

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Voice Buddy In Depth Tutorial And Demo

Now on this page, you’re gonna get super specific information about voice by day, such as what voice it is how voice buddy works, voice buddy pricing. And as well at my voice buddy bonuses, you can use the navigation at the top here. And whenever you use my link, which is this button here to purchase voice buddy, you’re going to get access to all of these bonus content as well as my brand new VIP member area, you’ll get login details after you’ve purchased where you can have lifetime access to all my current bonuses, as well as future bonuses as well. It’s really exciting. I’m constantly developing this, there’s information in here that I haven’t never ever released with the public. And I update this every single week, which you will also get an email notifying you when it’s been updated, you will get access to all of this when you use this button to purchase voice buddy or any of the buttons that you can actually see on this page. So with that being said, let’s jump over to voice. Okay, so we’re back on the voice buddy sales page, which is where I’m going to purchase the software. Now, if you want this discount, that discount can be found in the link below. And of course, you’ll also get the bonus content that I spoke about previously. So let’s go ahead and get this a one time price of $38, which is usually $297 a year. I don’t know how long this offer is going to last. But I’m going to claim this now. So I’ve got lifetime access. Okay, so it brings you to a secure jvzoo checkout page, I’m just going to go ahead and purchase it with PayPal. So give me two seconds. Okay, so I’ve just purchased it. And now I’ve received this email with my user ID and my password, I have actually just changed this. So obviously, they would give it away. But now I’m just going to go ahead and click on this link login. So give me one second. Okay, so I’ve just logged in to voice buddy. And this is what I’m greeted with. And well, that’s quite a lot. So Hey, there, we would like to send you some updates in real time. And I don’t really like push notifications, I’m just going to put close there and user agreement. We’re not responsible for any lawsuits and stuff like that, you should give this a read in your own time. You can see it’s got all the links for more information. I’m not going to go through this because it will make the video way too long. But I’m just going to accept it. Next you have a video, which is one minute 30 seconds, which is going to show you how you can you can probably get started. I’m not gonna watch this just yet. I’ll watch it a bit later. I don’t want to prolong the video. But let’s go ahead and close that. And recall with older than three months, we’ve done all the files, okay, fine. That’s absolutely fine. Okay, so there’s quite a lot going on here. And at first it can be a little overwhelming. So I’m just going to take a second just to explore the interface really important to explore things before you jump in. So what have we got we’ve got our side menu bar, so that we’ve got a Facebook group, we’ve got the dashboard, which is what we’re on. We got these I think these are the different voices, we’ve got the audio less we’ve got merges audios and this is sub menu, also create merge Audio Video Creator. Okay, so I don’t have video created because it needs to be upgraded. We’ve got the image editor, the gallery, which is where you store everything I imagine and then we’ve got YouTube, okay, that’s a pro feature, then we’ve got all the bonuses and Okay, cool. Then we’ve got the sub user again, that’s for what’s not okay, so I’m going to keep this video simple because I purchased this software for the voiceover stuff. And so that’s all I really want to know about right now. I don’t want to tackle everything in one video it will be extreme but if you want me to do a further review of like the image creator and stuff like that, if you want me to
Great everything, let me know, leave a comment below and I will go ahead and do that. So let’s start off with TTS. wavenet. Okay, so
these are the different voice types. And it’s not the simplest of dashboards, I’ve seen that nicer displayed. And But nevertheless, it looks pretty simple. So enter project name. So let’s just call this one, how to open your browser. Okay, so we’re going to do this in the style of a how to video. Next, I guess we want to select the emphasis. So I’m just going to go with moderate. So tax not selected. So if you’re doing something wrong, then it’s going to tell you which is pretty good. Select see us or do characters cardanol bleep unit. Okay, so these are all different pitches that break. Okay, so I imagine this is probably to do with the pauses to try and get more human like, as like pitch. Okay, speed. So how slow there’s a lot of options here, which is quite nice. Select audio drum roll herot playing Jingle bells, again, not 100% Sure. Paragraph sentence. Okay. And what’s interesting is, I don’t see any, here we go. So we got the training panels, I just want to make sure so we’ve got complete demo, short demo with all features. Okay. So it’s actually sharing goals, how to use the software. Okay. And but I just want to see how fast I can do something. So let’s, so I’m going to put my tax info that said that I need tax. So let’s go ahead and type in and welcome to
demo. Don’t forget to subscribe. Okay, so a nice short little voiceover. So first off, let’s have
let’s, what should we do? Let’s go to language. Let’s make it UK because I am UK and then let’s make it male. Translate an Arabic?
Nope, let’s keep it English. And to URL I don’t really know what a lot of this says, perhaps I should have watched the videos, but either way, I’m just gonna leave it as as.
Okay, so is this if you want to upload information. Okay, cool. So that’s actually if you don’t want to copy and paste it, I imagine I’m going to look into this further. But let’s go ahead and do translate.
tax on it takes away the structure when I do that. And but let’s go ahead and do fetch tax. Okay, that didn’t work. And not 100% sure what I’m doing here. Okay, so this is a little iffy for me. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to pause the video, have a quick watch of the demo. And I’ll be back in a second. Okay, so I’m back, I’ve just watched the seven minute video that they offer in that training, you are you will have access to this when you log in. And this is why we should always watch your training first. But I’m not going to cut this out, I think it’s really important that you see that sometimes, you know, you log into a software, it may seem really difficult. But then if you have a quick watch of the training, you’re like, Oh, actually, it’s just me having a bit of a brain fart. So here I am, report in the tax. And now what I’m going to do is I’m going to generate this text first, and see how it sounds without any customization and then I’m going to add all the human like sort of emphasis, emphasis and stuff like that, and see how that sounds. So head this all of this head is actually used if you’re talking different languages, or you want to translate it from English to French, for example, you can also include like a URL to a video or something. And it will transcribe that to a document and whatnot like Google Docs or something and it’ll transcribe that as well as upload your own word documents. And it will also grab all of that tat and drop it into the field. So that’s actually a really nice touch. And so I’m just going to go ahead and do it Submit. And now you can see that’s, that’s 100% audio generated. See what a difference that makes when you watch a quick video. Okay, and we’re gonna press OK. Now, let’s go ahead and listen to how this sounds Welcome to this how to open your browser tutorial. Your teacher today is going to be Marty Englander. Please follow along step one, go to Window search and type Google Chrome. Step two, click on Google Chrome. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. Okay, so in 15 seconds that we just generated a voiceover
about you. But I actually thought that sounded really good, especially if you add, like background music to it and whatnot. And it sounds like that, even with our, me, you know, putting in proper punctuation and all the emphasis stuff. So I’m actually quite excited to see how it sounds once I’ve put in all of these little add ons. Now, I’ve also moved my camera to the left, because of what I’m about to show you as well, is you can see here it says version one. And next to it, you can see enter notes. Now, I’m going to have to sync this audio in the video before I upload this review video. So I’m actually going to be putting in an example of one audio. Okay, so now I know that this is the first audio that I can sink into my video. So who knew this was gonna turn into a practical case study. Okay, so now what I want to do, I quite like the sound of that. And usually if I was actually going to be using it for one of my nice YouTube channels, and I wouldn’t actually edit it. But I’m going to because I want to explore the other feature. So let’s go let’s start with select emphasis cell. And your teacher today is going to be so I want the emphasis to be Please follow along, because that’s really important. And so I’m going to highlight this text here. And I’m going to make it moderate. Okay, so now that’s been wrapped, and the margin dynamic fields. So this is now the software is going to speak just this bit with the emphasis in a moderate level. Okay. Now select say, as I not want to present what this is, but you know what, let’s play around today. And I’m going to highlight Marty Englander, and I’m going to go with
unit. Okay. Again, I don’t know what these things mean. And what we’re going to find out. And this is why it’s so important to explain things. What would be really nice with this software is if they have like little question mark, and pop up fields where it will actually, you know, tell you what this actually means and stuff, perhaps I just don’t have enough common sense to know what it means. But either way, and you know, not everyone has common sense like me. So anyway, select break. So this is where we want pauses. Now, I noticed that these two steps, it was a little bit
too fast. So if I add a space and do, let’s call it a 400. So step two, so I’m going to highlight that, actually, now what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna do step one, and I want to add a, let’s go with a 400 millisecond
break. And then I also want to do step two, with a 400 millisecond break as well. Okay, so hopefully, there’s going to be a break between both of these. And now the pitch. Now I’m going to go with Don’t forget to subscribe. And
do we go with a high pitch or low pitch? Let’s go with a low pitch. So we’re going to change the pitch to that. And the speed, okay, and I quite like the speed. But again,
let’s change. Welcome to this, how to,
let’s copy all of this and go with a
fast speed, why not? Okay. And so, select audio, I imagine that this is going to add some sound effects. So perhaps if I add a, actually, let’s go here, and see if we can do
drum roll. Okay, so there’s no drum roll there. So, maybe if we again, highlight, please follow along and do drum roll like that.
Okay, let’s see what happens that and I’m just going to copy this just in case anything goes wrong. And then Okay, so paragraph one, that’s just okay. So, okay, so if you want to structure it properly, I’m going to leave that alone for now. And then sentence I just want to, okay, so it just add a sentence. And I imagine that’s just to create greater divide between sentences and paragraphs, so you can go back to pause and all of that. So we’ve actually added in 123456, and we’ve added all six of these things here. So the next step is to again, go back here and do submit it.
Well, we’ve got to change it from English us to English, UK voice mail.
And English. Okay, let’s go ahead and do submit. Voiceover generated. And there we go. So I’m going to go to okay. And now we can see. Number two is that so I’m going to go ahead and
click play. Welcome to this how to open your browser tutorial. Your teacher today is going to be Marty Englander.
Please follow along step one, go to Window search and type Google Chrome. Step two, click on Google Chrome. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. Okay.
Okay, so that Drum roll, it was not necessary at all. So let’s go here, let’s click the Edit button. Because that definitely, there’s a few things in there. So we don’t really need that fast rate, because it just sounded better on its own. So I’m just going to get rid of that.
I’m just going to, let’s keep that there, that audio that drum roll is not needed at all. So let’s delete that as well.
So 400 milliseconds, we don’t really need that. And so what I going to do, is, I’m actually going to try replacing that with the, the sentence one, and then another sentence like that.
And you know what, we’ll keep the pitch for this subscribe the same. Again, let’s change it to UK mail B.
And let’s go to English. And let’s go ahead and do it Submit.
Okay, that’s been generated. Let’s give that a listen. Welcome to this how to open your browser tutorial. Your teacher today is going to be Marty England, please follow along. Step one, go to Windows search and type Google Chrome. Step two, click on Google Chrome. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. Okay, so that actually sounds a lot better. However, it actually said the.so I’m gonna take away the dogs. And I’m gonna take away that dot, I’m going to add a column. Actually, now I don’t need a column. And so that all sounded good. How ever between these two sentences here was a little slow. So what I’m going to do, I just want to add a sentence
thing there. And I actually think that might make it sound a lot better. So again, back to UK voice be English. Okay, let’s go ahead and do choose Submit. Okay, boom, done. And we scroll down. Let’s have a listen. Welcome to this how to open your browser tutorial. Your teacher today is going to be Marty Englander. Please follow along step one, go to Windows search and type Google Chrome. Step two, click on Google Chrome. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. Okay, so I’m all in all happy with that. And I could add more. And I think the punctuation is the thing that’s slipping up slightly when it comes to this bit here. But overall, you can actually see that with a little bit of tweaking, you can get some really good results. And now it’s gonna be difficult for me due to the length of this video to go through every single one. So what I’m going to do is in the link below this video on my blog of voice buddy, I’m going to add lots of different examples and samples of this script in a video. So you can watch that in your own time or watch it when you go over to my blog. So you can hear it in female and all of that sort of thing. But all in all, this is actually how the software works. Now what I’m going to do, I’m going to head over, I’m going to copy this and I’m gonna go to TTS polich. And again, it’s Oh, we’ve got breaths in this. Okay, so again, we’re going to just type this, how to open a browser. And I’m going to go ahead and paste this in. Okay, so this has got all the same things. So let’s just have a look slap emphasis. We’ve already added that and say ours. So there’s a few different options here. Select break again, basically the same pitch, basically the same
It’s formatted slightly differently. Speed, same stress. Okay, so that’s a new one, select effects soft, whispered Okay, cool. We’ve got the breath option, paragraphs and centers. So let’s go ahead what I’m going to do, I’m actually going to Okay, so I’ve copied that script in again, and we’ve already focused on the dot these options. But what I want to do is again, just repeat the process but for the TTS poly voiceover so again, English
is English British. Okay, so that was English, UK, but now it’s English British. We’re going to go with
Brian standard, and then English if this is relevant at all. And that’s basically it. So let’s go ahead and do this and press Submit. Okay, I am really impressive how fast the voices are generated. I suspect the longer the script, the slower it will become. But anyway, so let’s listen to welcome to this how to open your browser tutorial dot your teacher today is going to be Marty Englander dot Please follow along step one, go to Windows search and type Google Chrome. Step two, click on Google Chrome. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. Hey, it’s Marty from the future. Sorry for the interruption. annoyingly, my audio cut off around about this point. And which is very frustrating. But don’t worry, because the great thing about voice buddy is it stores every single edit that you create. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to jump back in to voice per day, and kind of reenact everything I did prior. Okay, so here we are back in voice per day. And what you can see is I’ve actually added
the breath duration, which you know, I highlighted this, and this is what I did it right here. And the breath is hopefully going to add a
to make it a little bit more human like which is nice. And right here, which is the volume, so that so this hair is the stress level, and I’ve gone up with a medium. And then for the rest of it, I’ve just done the medium breath duration as well. Because I think the breath is gonna give it lots of breaks, which is what it’s certainly needed after the last playback. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to go ahead and do choose and then submit. I have already submitted that which you can find here, you can see it’s the two I’ve not got any other versions. So let’s go ahead and listen to that. Welcome to this how to open your browser tutorial. Your teacher today is going to be Marty Englander. Please follow along step one, go to Windows search and type Google Chrome. Step two, click on Google Chrome. Thank you for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe. OK, so it was nowhere near as good as the wave net.
But it wasn’t awful. And I think we’re a bit of tweaking, and it can be turned into something a little bit better. But again, if I
if I was going to be using this software on a daily basis, I would definitely be using wavenet. And because it sounds a lot more realistic. In fact, the difference between these two is really quite remarkable. And now I do want to cover a few other things that I’ve already covered, but I’ll cover again, so merge audios. So if we go to the merge audio list again, like I said prior,
my audio was lost, ironically. But what you see here is if we go to create merge audio, you can add for a 12. You can add 12 different
voiceovers. And what it will do is it will merge them all together and play one after the other. So this would be really good. if let’s say you had a ebook and you had like, let’s say 12 pages, then each page would be a separate audio file and you can quickly add it all together. And let’s just say you gave yourself a target of one page a day because you don’t want to spend your life you know, inputting all the tags and adding customization. So it’s just a really good way of adding or mixing all these pages up. And once you’ve selected the audio like that, and I’ll just do this one and this one and then hit submit. Okay, and then what’s going to happen is that that’s going to process and right here, you can see it’s saying press play. And I’m not going to play that because it really is literally just what you’ve already heard just one after the other. Okay, and then we can go to audio list, we can go to the audio list, which is this top here, and it shows all of the audio that we’ve created in the past and if you click the little pencil icon, it will take you back to the original audio you created with all of the versions

Voice Buddy

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