VidToon 2.0 Review The Ultimate Animated Video Software 2021

VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Creator

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VidToon Video Review

Today, I’m going to be reviewing Vid Toon 2.0. It claims to be the world’s easiest and most powerful animation software, it costs $49 a

But here’s
the catch, you can purchase Vid Toon for a one time payment. And you know me, I love lifetime deals. So if you’ve decided to get Vid Toon 2.0 soon, make sure you access my link below.

So you can also get Vid Toon for a lifetime. But of course, we will first check if it’s worth the money. And as usual familiar gurus, we’re going to take a look at the Vid Toon 2.0 platform in terms of its ease of use pricing and effectiveness.

Vid Toon 2.0 Features And Benefits

Now, let me walk you through the timeline and the workspace. On first look, it’s easy for me to find all elements since they’re organized into one place.

And then the big screen, of course, that is center is where we can preview our video.

And at the bottom is the timeline where we can drag the elements of the upper part is to settings for each element, which we will be using later on when we start dragging or putting our images onto the Vid Toon 2.0 timeline. So let us move on to the elements.

VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Creator

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Vid Toon 2.0 Buttons

Vid Toon Special Offer

The first button is for the scenes, there are tons of options for different industries. We have the airport scene, clinic, bakery construction, inside the office, and a lot more.

On a second button is where we can outsource or upload our own images. Again, I used to say Vid Toon 2.0 allow users to upload their own media is definitely a plus point.

So when you’re choosing a software for your editing, you should really make sure that it has this kind of feature.

Vid Toon Video Animation

VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Creator

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Vid Toon characters

Next one are the characters. There’s a search bar at the top, which is good, makes it easier for me to find what I want.

Like for example, if we type in doctor, we can find one.
The rest are some add ons.

In Vid Toon 2.0 You can access live images and videos from pixabay icons, and then some chiefy gf, or gifts, whatever you call it voiceovers for this project, I’m going to be using my own recorded voice because everything sounds like a robot in here, unless you’ve purchased the voice app, you can check more of its features as well on my link below.

And then the audio library, there are a lot and you can also upload your own track. So to fully go through all the features of Vid Toon, we will be creating a short explainer promo ad, I will show you my script.

It’s a situational expire story. Before starting my editing process. I have already visualized what I want to see on my scenes.

And I think that’s very important. Right away, I’m going to start with my first scene, which should be in a bakery. And then let’s get a baker from our characters.

Okay, before I show you how to move the camera in Vid Toon 2.0, here are some animations you can create out of your character.

There are some running actions talking on phone, but I guess I’m okay with his current action. Now there’s something I want to show you here, we can move our character from one place to another by clicking on the settings and tick the move a to b checkbox.

The red flag is our mark where we want it character to move. Although if we preview it
it just looks like a ghost moving guess it’s not walking, but this is where the camera trick becomes helpful.

Vid Toon Logo

On my second scene, for example, I want two different setups in one background. So we can try to move the camera from one area to another
So far, I am not liking how I can only see the box moving, and not be able to preview how it will look like in the actual output. So I will just fast forward adding my scenes together, and then we can go to our preview.

VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Creator

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Before I show you our final output in Vid Toon 2.0, I’m going to say right now that I will need to help with an offline application, like to just add some enhancements, because I’m not very satisfied with the initial preview.

But let me just finalize my editing process and then we will get a preview of our project before my ratings and final thoughts. Meet Brian.

He’s a businessman and owner of the bakery. He has all the skills needed to manage a business. But he has a problem. He doesn’t know how to market his product, and he has no time for it. Thankfully, he met his friend Tam.

Tam told him the importance of digital media to attract more customers, Brian Parker and his business with a media team.

And in just a month, his sales has doubled. From now on, he doesn’t need to do everything, and he has a team of creatives to help him grow his business.

Just a disclaimer, the logo at the end is not from Vid Toon 2.0. It’s from Envato elements, which I specifically use for my logo animations. Moving on to my final thoughts, in terms of its ease of use.

Because the workspace of Vid Toon 2.0 is very organized, I could easily find my way to all elements, drag them to the timeline and make some adjustments, rendering and exporting also didn’t take time, it was fast and easy.

What I just don’t like is the size of the elements into previous screen. I hope Vid Toon have made it the normal screen size for each scene and for each character.

That way, it will give me a faster production process about the camera movement. Although you can’t review how the camera will move and pan I would still prefer if it will show me the actual look we explored or actual video and not just show a transparent box and let me visualize it on my own.

Buy Vid Toon

Where Do I Buy Vid Toon?

VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Creator

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Other than those it’s easy to move around a workspace so I can give it a 3.5 star rating for the pricing. As I’ve mentioned earlier, the original price of Vid Toon 2.0 is $49 a month.

If this is the case, personally I will not purchase Vid Toon 2.0 because it’s going to be really expensive before once I payment license and if you think you will need to create a lot of food experience animation videos, and for a long time, then I will definitely grab this chance.

Vid Toon Demo

Vid Toon Last Words

For this reason I will give it two and a five star rating in terms of its effectiveness. Honestly, I like the overall output of my project in Vid Toon 2.0. I think 2d animation software slick Vid Toon really works for explainer videos.

Vidtoon Video Review

But I still see some improvements, especially under characters, they need to add more variety More Actions, more scenes, because for each industry, they only have one, hopefully there will be more options in the future.

So in summary, I am in between three to four star rating because I still like the camera movements and the look of the illustrations the 2d animations.

VidToon 2.0 Animated Video Creator

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