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What is Funnel Software?

Today we’re talking about a very powerful software on the market called Now, I believe it was originally French. So the system is actually system, if you just wanted to know, but at the moment, they are currently having a launch special, I believe it’s for the English users as they’ve done so well in the French market.

So if you’re wanting to grab the software, just so you know, here is the link,

you can currently get this at a $27 rate per month compared to a 47$.

So just let you know that’s there. So what is that I have? What does it do? Well, it’s actually a really interesting tool. I literally stumbled upon it just yesterday, and I’ve been looking at it since. And what it actually does is quite astounding. So first of all, you can have the option to have your own blog site, which is really good. You can also have the option to use email automations, as well as email sequencing, marketing, all that sort of good stuff.


In a moment, I’m actually going to jump behind the screen, I’m going to show you all the things that are found inside of I’m also going to show you some demo pages that I’ve created so I can further explain it. But it’s a really powerful software, it’s even got its own affiliate section in there. So you can be an affiliate for the platform, you can be an affiliate for courses, it’s even got a marketplace like kartra has, where you can be an affiliate for other people’s products, which is really cool as well.

The only thing that sort of limits the software itself is the amount of context you can have per month is obviously different contact levels for different price points that you’re paying, as well as custom domains. If you’re using the baseline package, you’re not going to have any custom domains, you’re going to have to use domain, if you go to the next package, which is only an extra $20, what you actually get is the ability to have two custom domains, which is really nice.

Who Are The Guys Behind

The good thing is this company is very young, it’s had a lot of success really quickly. So it’s only going to get better and better over time. Once again, there is currently a launch, that the price point is only actually $27 per month to get started right now and it replaces so many hundreds of dollars with the software’s. So if you just want to play with it, I’ve left the free trial link in the description, make sure you check that out and have a little play with it. So what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to jump behind the screen and show you the full potential of a system that I okay, let’s get this party started. So here we are, first of all on the homepage. As you can see, it’s very, very minimal. There isn’t actually much information here, I think it’s probably something they could work on in the future. But for now, it’s extremely, extremely easy. As you can see, they’ve sent 140 million emails, which is really good as email marketing as part of one of their features. And they’ve created $11 million for the members.

A little side note is once you do join, you actually get access to the Facebook page. As you can see, they’ve got 14 point 6 million users or sorry, not million 14.6 1000 users. So there’s a lot of people using the software, right. And the only issue is right now as they’re starting to actually market to the English sort of market is a lot of it’s in French store. So as you scroll down, you’ll see a lot of it’s in French. However, there are some ones in English starting to pop up, which is really nice to see. But you can have a look at that later. I just wanted to show you that. And just before we carry on the pricing, just so you know, this is the difference in price points. First of all, we have the startup package, which is up to 5000 contacts. Now, if you’re brand new, this could more than do for you in terms of 5000 contacts.

A lot of people over years don’t even get 5000 contacts if you’re working in a high ticket sort of niche. But that’s more than enough to get started with once again, the only issue I can see which would make me want to actually upgrade to the webinar is you don’t have any custom domains. I’ll show you what that means in a second. But basically what it means is you have to use the domain with your personalized Free Trial

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sub domain versus having your own website. If you want to have your own blog if you want to have your own landing pages hosted on your own domain. You will have to go for the $47. But in saying that you also get the ability to have three evergreen webinars, which is extremely powerful, as well as all of the other good stuff. So that’s just the differences. $97 per month for enterprise, you can have coaching sessions, but I don’t think that’s super, super required. So, the back office, I’ve been playing around with it a little bit, as you see, I’m actually just going to log into the main dashboard to show you what it looks like. Now, I’ve just been playing with it around in the last sort of 20 minutes. As you can see, I’ve got a new lead, which is myself, I was testing the dashboard. But this is basically where you will start. Now inside your dashboard, you’ll see things like your main dashboard, your affiliate, dashboard, library, and marketplace. Now, if you remember, just before I mentioned they have a marketplace, just like Karcher, which is really cool. Because you can actually come in here, you can be an affiliate for these different products, and you can make a lot of money from them.

That Is The Benifit Of

Now the benefit for it, if you’re into affiliate marketing on YouTube, as a lot of these products will never actually get to see the light of the search engines. So if you wanted to make a little bit extra money as a side hustle, you could definitely be an affiliate for these programs as they may be very high converting. And a lot of the market hasn’t been touched with their products, if that makes sense. So that is very cool. I’ll also leave some information about YouTube affiliate marketing in the description, I’ve got some really exciting things coming up in the near future. So you can come in here, you can choose your different categories, all that sort of stuff you can apply to be an affiliate, you can check out the sales pages, everything like that. And you can go from there, right, it’s you don’t even need to apply for these pages, you can just instantly be a affiliate. So that’s, that’s really cool. That’s the first thing I actually saw when I logged in, I thought that was really extremely exciting. Now inside the library is where you have your courses, I believe I have actually got one in there, but I’m not going to show it right now. But it’s really cool as well, you’ve got your affiliate dashboard, if you want to be an affiliate for these guys.

And context is really interesting. We’ll get to that in a second. Same with the funnels, the emails, you have newsletters and campaigns campaigns is like autoresponder series is that you can create. You also have your blog section automation rules, which has a workflow inside of that I’ll show you in a second. Then we have products and sales, you can create your products, your courses, you can also have your affiliate program for your courses, things like that, which is really cool.

And that’s pretty much it.

How Does Work?

So the first thing I’m actually going to show you is the emails, so I’m going to go straight into campaigns, newsletters, pretty straightforward. So I’m going to go into campaigns. Now this is where you’re actually going to create your autoresponders. If you do take the free trial, this is also the first place I recommend you start just because if you start inside the funnels, you’re going to have to go back and then link it to emails. If you do the same with automations, you’re gonna have to come back and then link it to everything. So I highly recommend you start with campaigns. If you just want to send singular emails, instead, you don’t actually have to have a campaign. I like to create campaigns. So if I say, if someone like subscribes to one of my lead magnets, it’s going to send them three emails to do with that particular lead magnet. And then it’s going to send them to another sort of general sort of campaign, if that makes sense. So basically, to do that, we just click Create, it’s very simple.

I’m going to call this a, I’ll just call this a Facebook community. Just click Save campaign. And then I’m going to click on the community thing. And inside here, you can create the different steps, right. So say my first one was a sort of welcome, you’re in sort of email. And then you can type in some stuff here, hey, this is great. So it doesn’t like sending from Gmail. So what I can do is just put in my domain, like so. And then press Save, obviously, you want to do this. This is just to give you an example of You also have your different sort of attributions here, you can put on this on the side. So if you wanted to put in someone’s name, it’s going to replace that with their first name.

It’s great. Like you can write whatever it is in there. But what I recommend you do is change this head delay before sending. You can have it to sit like one day, right? So this is actually a day zero email, so you wouldn’t put anything. But on the second day, you can put second email, if that makes sense. So there’s the first email, there’s no delay, it’s going to get sent straight out. If you wanted to create, say three or four emails. So you could just create another one, delay it for a day, delay it for two days, all that sort of stuff. And then inside your campaign, you can see all your statistics when everything’s actually going. So that’s real simple. As a basic email campaign, the same thing goes for a newsletter, obviously a newsletter, you’re just sending it to everyone.

It’s like a blast. You can choose who you want to send it to all that sort of good stuff. The second part I would talk about, I think I’ll go into quickly right now is tags and the reason I’m going to do tags is when Got automations, you need to have some tags set if you want to use tags. So if I come into tag, see I’ve created three basic ones to create a tag, it’s real simple. So I’m just going to say this is a cold email. Or it could be a cold lead or something, you can always rename them as well. So let’s just say I wanted to change it to lead. And there’s a reason for this. And I’ll show you why in a second. So I’ll just add another one, just to show you how quick and easy it is. One lead. Okay, so that’s gonna refresh. And that’s all done. Okay, so that’s cool. We’ve got five tags here, YouTube, lead magnet, ebook, YouTube, cold, lead, warm lead wraps, that’s really cool. And then inside contacts, that’s just going to list all your contacts. I’ve just got the one in here that I showed you earlier. But once you have a substantial amount of people, you can start, you know, changing the way you want to just see all your email contacts, if that makes sense. Right. The next one we’re going to look at is funnels.

Okay, so I’ve created one quick funnel with It’s a really, really simple process, right. So I’ll show you how quick it is. I’ll create a brand new funnel, this one is going to be cold ebook, right. And I just want to build an audience. And as you can see, we’ve got things like evergreen Ribbit, webinars right there, we can sell stuff, it’s all pre made sort of templates. And you can even choose your currency that you want to sell with. But on this one, I’m just going to say build an audience audience.

And I’m going to maybe just call it that. So I can distinguish it later, once I upgrade and use this seriously. But inside here, we’ve got all of our different templates that you can use. There’s loads in here, right? There’s some really good looking ones like Allah really like the look of this. So I’m going to go ahead and select it, like so. And you name the squeeze page squeeze page. So I’m going to call this the YT ebook, opt in. And I’ll just call this YT ebook, like, so I’m gonna press Save, and then I’m going to edit it, which is very easy to do. And the drag and drop builder is quite basic. But I mean, that’s all you really need. What I’ve found is a lot of people try to get, say, a Ferrari to go to the shop, you know what I mean? Something like two minutes down the road, people always overpower the software that they use, and then they complain that it cost so much, and then they’re never getting anything done. Whereas if you’re using, is extremely cheap. So you don’t need to have the best builder, it’s more of a functional tool to get you going, if that makes sense. So this is actually a really nice looking page, you can just get it everything as you want inside of here, right?


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It’s very, very simple. You can add an extra columns, if you need to, say form input, if you wanted to have another section inside of here, you could change it to whatever it is, you can also duplicate as you can see, it’s put it in without any customization. So instead, I could put this one inside here, choose what my form input would be, say I want it to be phone number, and automatically saves it right. Very easy to do. Now, the one thing that you should take notice of when you’re creating your landing pages, your is the button wrap. So inside here, action when button is clicked, this is where you will change everything right? If you want to have a pop up, there’s a pop up section here, you can create your own pop up. If you want to go to the next step, I can go to the next step. If you want to complete things, you know all of this sort of stuff. It’s all there, right. So what I’d recommend for this particular one, as we’re sending the form we want to have, we want to redirect after to the next step, because we want to take them to the thank you page.

So let’s just pretend I’ve fixed this right, it’s all ready to go. I’m going to save the changes. Now I can preview it if I want. And it’s going to open up a new tab. As you can see, it’s got a this is a preview mode, don’t use this URL. But basically, this is what it is very simple, very quick. And I will just go to the next step of the funnel. So we have the first one is done. If you heard what I mentioned before about the subdomain Milan is intact at the moment and When you when you sign up, you’ll be asked to create one you can change it which is really good as you go. And like a lot of other programs where as soon as you create it, you’re stuck with it.

Can I Use My Own Domain With

So keep that in mind. But if you want to use your own domain, you will have to be on the webinar subscription. And then you can change this to whatever your domain is. hope that makes sense. So that one’s done on the right, we’ve got save preview and edit just to let you know those are there. And we’ve also got some other little settings here. What I’m going to do is quickly show the thank you pages. So you’ve got these ones here, which are very easy. Now let’s just for a minute, think that hey, I want to have like a bridge video inside of here. What we can actually do is we can delete this funnel step if we want or we could just go ahead and create one. I’m going to call this the bridge. And for this particular one we have I’m going to come down here and show you all the different sort of templates we have. So we’ve got everything from an opt in Then we’ve got everything from a sales sort of page sort of perspective.

And we’ve got the webinars, and we’ve got some other things. So basically, what I want to do here is throw in a sales page, like so press save. And as you can see, it’s going to have multiple different things here, right. So I like this sort of templates, I’m just going to go ahead and choose it, you can come and look as you wish later. But if we come in here, it’s created, I’m going to call this the yt. ebook success, like so. Press Save. And then I’m going to edit it. And as you can see, it’s very quick, it’s actually a really responsive builder, which is really nice. If we can come in here, then you can see his all of our stuff, we can delete what we don’t want, keep what we do. So for this particular example, I might just create this as a, a bridge video. So what I would do here would either be if I was doing affiliate marketing, I could redirect to my affiliate link, right? If I was, if I was doing it to a sales page, I could create the next step, which would be of course, you know, which would be a, which would have my product inside of it, if that makes sense. So basically, this is what I do, you can change the video, nice and easily. It’s all very straightforward, right? I don’t want to waste too much time and just wanted to show you how it works.

So that’s basically how it works.
  • Very basic builder
  • but it’s very functional.
  • It does everyth
  • ing that you need,
  • it doesn’t overcomplicate things,
  • it keeps everything in a funnel, which is really nice.

Can I Blog With Free Trial

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Okay, so what I’m going to show you now I’ve shown you that quickly, the context, the emails, the funnels, I’ll quickly show you the blog, I believe it is this one. So this is like one of the basic templates that you can have. And this is sort of your homepage. So when you create your custom domain, this is actually going to be the home page that you start with. So inside here, you can edit it just with the same builder as however you’d like. And you can actually create multiple different pages, I will just find the backend for you. So blogs.

See, this is the homepage there. So if I click on this, this is essentially my website. And you can create all your different pages, once you click on pages, you know, contact home, all that sort of stuff, which is really cool. Or you can create some blog posts, right, which will allow you to you know, create blog posts, there’ll be, you know, SEO and all that sort of good stuff. So I’m not going to go too much into blogs, most people will just be creating funnels anyway. And maybe they will just have like a landing page for their brand. Now that we’re here, I’ll quickly go into the automation flows, the automation workflows. So as you can see, I’ve created a quick demo one here that you may have just seen before. Basically, it works like any email marketing software out there, it’s extremely, extremely easy to use, I’ll show you the different options that we have. So we have action decision or delay, delay is very straightforward. You can just choose hours or days that you want things to happen decisions quite interesting. So you can actually change it here based on a trigger.

So if they click an email, they get a tag, all that sort of stuff, it’s actually going to give you options, right. So let’s just say if they clicked on this, I’m going to go create. It’s created this yes and no type scenario, right. So you can do a lot of different things with it. And this is where I would actually have the tags that I just created. So action, I will apply a tag. And this is why we wanted to create our tags earlier. If they clicked it, I’d say they’re a warm lead. And let’s just say if they didn’t click it, I would make them a cold lead. You can see how quickly this is to you know, sort of manipulate and create.

And then I could actually send separate emails or send them to different campaigns, whichever I want, I could create the campaign inside of here, which is really nice to do as well. If I wanted to create one inside of the builder, I could do so here. But I’m not going to do that just for this demo. But you can see how powerful it is. It’s it’s pretty straightforward. You know, it’s got all the things that you need. Inside of here, once again, you can add people to campaigns, so subscribe to campaign unsubscribe from campaign, you’ve also got web hooks, so can integrate with loads of different software’s. And you can also send emails, I don’t know exactly what send email to specific address means, but that’s there as well. And you’ve also got enrolled in course, which is quite nice.

So that’s basically the automation right. Now, the last one I’m going to show you is the courses, products are pretty much the same thing, except obviously it’s more of a download II type thing. But courses is actually really nice. So I just created one course here, I duplicated it a couple times just to see what its gonna look like. If I click on the preview, this is what your course will look like. Right? That’s a bit overkill, but that can be easily changed. They actually have two images here. I think you’ve got to make them a little bit Center, as you can see, but you’ve got a little image here as well.  that’s what it looks like. It’s called small image, big image. But basically, this is our course, if you click on it, you can create your own template, it’s actually a really good course in terms of editing, you can put in everything just like the builder.  maybe I’ll show you what it looks like, I’ll go inside the course, go inside this lecture, and I’ll edit it, and I’ll show you how it looks. Alright, sorry, this button I was meant to do. And you can also time it based on drip campaigns, right.

So if you only wanted to put out you know, a video a day or something like that, you can time time base that as well by delays.  inside here, it’s like everything else, right, you can change all the settings, like the backgrounds, all that sort of thing, if you want padding, all that sort of stuff. When it comes to the modules that you can drop in, you know, you’ve got image, video, audio buttons, you know, share all that sort of stuff count down, it’s got everything that you’d need to create a course, right, that’s there’s not really much else you would need.

Last But Not Least

It’s quite basic, but it’s extremely powerful and easy to use, it’s drag and drop, as well. So you can just move things around wherever you want them to go, super easy to do, you can change the like the font size, all that sort of stuff like really, really easy. Now, if you want to see what it looks like on mobile, there’s a mobile button down the bottom, which is also very easy to use, you just change everything to how you want it, and then it’s going to save based on the device. Now there is actually some options to change the language here. And that’s just for all the different texts and everything around it. As I mentioned right at the beginning, they are expanding to English.

 that’s why they’ve changed and changed all these languages. if I come back to the lecture, each time you come in here, it always has a mark as complete at the bottom. you can mark as complete and it’s going to take you to the next lecture. As you can see, I’ve got a little tick and adds in the percentage of how much time you’ve done right. it’s a very, very, very cool tool for the price you’re paying it’s

peanuts compared to what you can actually do with it. But that’s pretty much the tool, guys, it’s a very cool thing. And once again, you’ve also got your affiliate program inside here as well that you can actually sell your courses with as well as the marketplace. So keep that in mind. What I’m going to do right now is I’m just going to jump behind the camera quickly one more time, and then we’ll wrap things up. Free Trial

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Okay, so that was As you can see, it’s extremely powerful for the price you’re paying, you’re literally paying peanuts for a collection of tools that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars. It is definitely a competitor to Click Funnels to kartra a lot of people like to overpower the software that they use for a task that doesn’t require it. And saying that is got everything you’d need to you know, sell membership sites, sell your products, generate leads, create email marketing, and then also create your blog if you want to do that as well. So basically that is guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. Hopefully it’s showing you the potential of this tool. If you want to get at once again, there is a 14 day free trial link below this video. It also allows you to get the discounted rate and it’s going to be discounted for life if you secure it at the time. hope you guys have enjoyed this review

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