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Spin Rewriter 11 Video Review

What is Spinrewriter 11

Today I’m going to talk about a very cool tool that is been around for about 10 years now, but they’re about to have their next launch.

And that is Spin Rewriter. Now in the spin rewriter review, I’m going to be showing you how I use Spin Rewriter giving you some ideas of what you could use Spin Rewriter for, and just giving you a general overview of this particular type of tool. Spin-Rewriter-11-Review

Now, I know a lot of people have probably never used spinning tools before or potentially you don’t think they are very good thing. But it’s quite the opposite. It’s extremely handy tool to have in your tool belt if you are a marketer, or a blogger or anyone that’s really into online marketing. Now, I’ve been using Spin Rewriter for a little while now. And it’s a very, very powerful tool.

How Does Spinrewriter Work?

Now there’s a few things that Spin Rewriter does that other software out there doesn’t do. And one of them that I really like is actually allowing you to have all of the spintax and everything still in one place. if you have another application that needs it already pre made to be spun, then you can copy and paste it into that. Now that can be a little bit confusing, but I’ll show you exactly what I mean, when I jump behind the screen, so.

But having that feature is very handy. I’ve looked for many other tools. And that’s actually how I found Spin Rewriter what happened was I was looking for a particular tool that could leave all of the spintax inside of there not just been an article and give you the end result.

And yeah, this is exactly what Spin Rewriter did for me. Now there might be various applications and why you need a spin a write rewriting tool. That’s a tongue twister, why you need a rewriting tool. One of them could be for market research, right? Potentially, you have a couple of articles out there that you just need to get online.

you just quickly grab bits and pieces from different websites, put it together, spin it all up.

it’s unique and put it on their website. Maybe you are a web developer, maybe you’re creating some websites that you can use as templates or maybe placeholder text, things like that, instead of just having the lorem ipsum, or whatever it’s called, you could actually grab some similar content, spin it up, so it’s nice and unique, and then put it on the website.

it can sit there, I find that is one of the most things that people get actually stuck with with web design is actually finding good copy. Or even having placeholder text and people get confused.

It’s a, it’s a really big annoying thing. I’ve done it before. But that’s a really good application to have it.

Features of Spinrewriter 11

New-Spin-Rewriter-DashboardAnd if you’re using particular types of tools anyway, like I was, which was why that I actually found this tool, things like if you’re into Instagram automation, things like Java and mass plan and things like that, you need to have spintax in there, right.

But sometimes you just don’t have the brain capacity to go through and find different variations for the spintax.

instead, what you could actually do is just use Spin Rewriter, write a couple of phrases or whatever your messages, and then it’s going to give you all of the variations. And in that regards, I think that is the most powerful part of it. Spin Rewriter, it’s an amazing tool, it’s actually very well priced as well, at the moment, it’s $77 for an entire year’s worth of use.

that’s for an unlimited as well, which is really powerful. There is also some add ons that you can purchase if you wish as well. But I’ll talk about those in a little bit.

anyway, what I’m gonna do right now is now I’ve given you a bit of an overview of what Spin Rewriter does, I’m actually going to show you so I’m going to go ahead and log into my account.
And I’m going to show you what this powerful tool does.

Does Spinrewriter 11 Have A Free Trial?

Okay, here we are on the homepage of spin rewriter. I probably should have mentioned just before as well, there is a free trial to actually test out the software, you’ll get the same amount of functionality that I have right now. I’ve left the link in the description if you use that you’ll be helping support the channel. And I thank you very much.

just to point out right now as well. We are currently on Spin Rewriter 10.

But I believe in two weeks, November, the 11th might be slightly more than two weeks, they are actually releasing Spin Rewriter 11, which is really cool.

But just keep in mind, it doesn’t matter if you purchase now later, you’re always going to have the up to date version. there’s nothing to freak out about. They just like to have big launches each time they have a huge update. that’s why that’s there.

How Much Do Spinrewriter 11 Cost?

this is Spin Rewriter it’s been around for about 10 years, it’s sold over like $10 million worth right. It’s a it’s a very cool tool.

This is just the homepage I’m scrolling around. But basically, that’s all I wanted to show you once again, here’s the pricing just so you get it five day free trial $77 a year or 47 a month, which is probably not worth your time, will 500 for a single payment lifetime.

That’s up to you. But I just use the $77 a year. this is the back office. As you can see, I’ve got a license until October the 14th next year, which is really cool.

But basically what I’m going to show you is how this software works.first of all, we want to come to the rewrite section of the article of the page. Sorry, and this is going to bring us to this article section right. for an examples sake, let’s just pretend that I’m looking to rewrite an article about the importance of dog walking, right.

I found this article here. Just a reminder, it’s best not to just copy and paste someone else’s work, spin it and then upload it.

I mainly use this for testing purposes. It says, but if you absolutely have to do it, the option is there, I highly recommend always creating unique content. So keep that in mind. spinrewriter keywords

For What Can I Use Spinrewriter 11?

So once again, let’s just pretend I’m going to rewrite this article, if this is your own article as well, a lot of people use this particular tool, just to freshen up their articles, if it makes sense, you know, you’ve already got your keyword written article researched, and everything and maybe two, three years old.

Now you could update it, or you could create a fresh new piece of content just by spinning it. And a lot of people actually do that. It’s quite powerful. But for this example, I’m just going to copy this article, I’m going to paste it into here, like so.

And you just want to come through quickly and have a little look at it just to make sure everything’s looking quite well, like this little area here.

I don’t know why that’s there. I’ll just quickly remove that. But looking through it, it looks at all looks pretty good and ready to go. If you want to change the punctuation and everything to your own, you know, countries, sort of thing.

It’s all them. Anyway.now that it’s all looking pretty good. What we want to do is come to the bottom left, and we have here a settings tab, right. And if you click on that, it’s going to bring up a few important options.

Now, to be honest, I haven’t actually used this level of spinning and rewriting yet, it basically talks about rewriting sentences, paragraphs, new paragraphs, all this little sort of different stuff.

But for me, I actually just leave this entire tab and I just come to the second one, which is words and phrases.

And what I recommend doing in here, as already played with it, is actually just coming in here and writing your primary keywords and your secondary keywords.

Right. hopefully, if you guys are reading this, you know a little bit about SEO, if you don’t, basically, your primary keyword is the keywords, you want to rank for secondary keywords or supporting keywords.

for this example, I could have like dog walking, walking the dog, I could just have dog’s health, you know, dog, I can have walking, things like that.

How Do I Rewrite Keywords With Spinrewriter?

you just want to write as many of the most important keywords as, as you can think of inside of here. And what this is going to do is it’s not going to rewrite these particular phrases or words. that’s a very important thing.

There’s also advanced settings here, if you want to use those. But to be honest, I don’t I know a lot of people get really technical and use this multi level nested spinning.

But for me, personally, I just use this. I’m going to go ahead and go Okay, as things are ready to go. What I’m going to do right now is actually rewrite this article.

How Fast is it?

spinrewriter 11it’s only going to take a matter of moments. And this next step is actually the one that I’ve used the most. I don’t actually complete the articles, what instead I do is I create I copy the fully spun with spintex versions, right, so I’ll show you what I mean in a second.

As you can see, though, this, this entire process is extremely quick, right 15 seconds, and it’s going to create variations of all of your entire
text. let’s get into the fun stuff.

Now, I’ve actually just finished shooting another video called life, I don’t know if you guys have seen it, it’s a it’s pretty much a YouTube video creating automated Empire II type type tool, it’s really, really, really powerful. The only issue is, it makes bulk videos.

But if you don’t spend them properly using all the spintax, they’re going to eventually get flagged as it’s bad news. And it’s just the same content being respond, basically.

allowing it to have this particular type of information, what I actually do is I just copy this, right, I copy all of this, and then I paste it into if job done. And the same goes for tools like Java, I also did a review on Java a little while ago. But basically what I would do is write like a direct email message inside of inside of the last step.

And then I would send it into this step, which is the second part, which is the slit your key words, phrases. And then what this is going to do is it’s going to respond everything for you in this type of format.

you don’t have to go through and think of different words that can replace other words using spintax. this one pot alone is why I actually bought this tool.

How Do I Protect My Keywords With Spinrewriter?

But now I see how powerful it is I’m going to use it also for article rewriting and things like that.

basically, if we come through here, now that I’ve sort of got that out the way, it’s a really powerful step that a lot of people don’t know about. But anyway, here we can come through, we can see what types of words are around there, you know, we can see what this swapping things in and out for basically what we can check is making sure that they don’t rewrite or spin our words that we want. as you can see it’s lift walking and dog there.

it’s not going to rewrite this one. And it’s leaving everything sort of out that we want it to. you just want to come through and check it if something needs changing, or you need to do is come back to settings and add them into here, press OK.

And then press one click rewrite. And you can just save a lot more of your own your own text, right so once you’ve done that a number of times to make sure that everything’s good. As you can see here on the uniqueness scale.

Does Spinrewriter 11 Provide Me Unique Content?

We’ve got bill Millions of possible versions and it’s 99% unique. you don’t have to worry about anything like that, guys, it’s gonna be a completely unique article. And then finally, all you do is press finalize article, and it’s going to take us to the next step, which is very, very cool.

Okay, here we are, we’ve got the final step, which is step three, and this one, we can actually start creating unique versions of our articles, right, it’s a, it’s a very cool thing that it actually does.

And basically, what you do is you just press generate a new article. And what it’s going to do is it’s going to come through and give you one of its selection of all of these different spintax series. And it’s going to create a unique article.

And then if you want another one, just simply press it again, right, and there’s settings in here. you can automate the entire process as well.

Very, very powerful, right, but I’ll just show you exactly what it does. I’m going to click generate a new article.

And if we scroll down below, here, we actually have our article, you see the oldest spintax, and everything’s gone. And now we’ve got a 91% unique article. And that’s extremely powerful, considering it’s only a five or 600 word, well, sorry, 700 word article, right.

in terms of that, that’s a perfect type of example, how you can just quickly spin an article, you can copy and paste it, put it on your website, if it’s just to test it, if it’s just a placeholder, things like that, it’s going to be completely fine being there.

Eventually, though, you want to go back and rewrite it. If it’s your own article, and you’re rewriting your own article, it doesn’t matter, everything will be fine. And because it’s on the same sort of area, one good way to actually check if you want to make sure that everything’s unique, is you can link it to your copyscape account.

Spinrewriter 11 WordPress Plugin

Spinrewriter 11 finalizeAnd then you can just press this button, and it’ll do the search for you as well. Which is really cool. Now, there is actually some add ons that come with Spin Rewriter that I haven’t mentioned yet. And one of them is a WordPress plugin.

this WordPress plugin here, this is actually going to cost another $47 for life. it’s just a one time fee. But what it can actually do is give you a plugin that with one click of a button inside of your WordPress dashboard, you can actually rewrite your articles, I even believe that working on a schedule, you can reschedule your articles every three months, I think it may even be out which is really cool.

let’s just say you wanted article, you wanted content to be continuously posted. But you just didn’t have time to create new content.

If you already had something like 20 or 50 articles, you can just go through and keep spinning them. you can still keep posting at least once a month or once a week or whatever your timeframe is right. there’s so many different applications for this.

Basically, I bought this for one job one job only. And that was for step two, having all of this all of this unique, pre spun content ready to be pasted into other platforms. And this alone is already saved me hundreds of hours, right? It’s a it’s a powerful, powerful tool.

But you can also create a laser as well, which is even more powerful as well. basically that Spin Rewriter guys, what I’m gonna do right now is I’m actually just going to jump behind the camera, I’m just gonna say a few extra things.

Okay, so that was Spin Rewriter, you can see how powerful it is. And it is one of these tools where if you have a purpose for it, it’s gonna save you so much time. And if you don’t really have a purpose for it, then you know, there’s not really much need to actually get it.

But if you are a user of hive of Java, mass planning any of these types of automation tools, we need to have a series of spintax in there to make everything unique.

Last Words About Spinrewriter 11

Spinrewriter PricingThis is a priceless tool to your toolkit right now, because it’s going to save you so much time, right, it’s going to save you so much time and keep everything nice and unique, which is going to keep your accounts nice and safe.

If you’re a blogger, this is also a great tool. If you’re a web designer, this is also going to be a very powerful tool for you. I know I’m going to be using it for future clients projects. Because just it can get the text out there nice and quickly.

And then they can change it later on having placeholder text and thinking of it’s sometimes be a real pain in the butt. Apart from that guys, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video. This is Spin Rewriter and the spin rewriter review was based on just over a month’s worth of use very powerful tool.

Once again, if you want to grab the trial, there is the link if you decide to buy it.

And apart from that, I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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