Realtor Doodle Video Bundle Reviews 2021 With In Depth Tutorial

Realtor Doodle Video Review

Realtor Doodle Video Review

Thats what Jeff T. Says On His Slaes Page:

Realtor Doodle Video Review: Video clips are an awesome approach to both gather leads as well as sell or purchase houses for a profit. My Realtor Doodle Videos are short and to the point and you can use them several ways in your company.

You can put them on your website and then beneath the video placed a picture of yourself with your contact number. The 2nd way you can use them remains in emails to leads. Absolutely nothing captures attention much better than a short to the point doodle video. If you have a blog site, you will certainly get even more phone calls by putting my realtor doodle videos on your web pages.

Realtor Doodle Video

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Realtor Doodle Video Pricing

Usually, I charge $30.00 for a quick Realtor doodle video or $40.00 if a computer system voice is added however because I am refraining this for simply one person, I can give you a great deal. Take a look at the video clip below: you will get this one also. This video is longer than the ones in my package as well as is a $50.00 offer. It is a bonus when you purchase, “The Realtor Doodle Bundle.”

If I made every one of the video clips in this package for a single person, the rate would certainly be numerous bucks. But today, you will obtain 10 Realtor videos for ONLY $25.00!!! That is marked down from $300.00!!! It truly is a no brainer! If you get simply one call from these doodle videos, they were worth the price. As well as, imagine if you make numerous sales! What a small financial investment!

Realtor Doodle Video Bonuses

Realtor Doodle Video Logo

I am also going to give you an additional Bonus offer today … 5 Commercial Real Estate doodle video clips. This bonus is mosting likely to disappear soon so make sure and purchase currently. Once more, separately this is a $150.00 offer!!! Yours FREE for buying “The Realtor Doodle Bundle” today!

As well as, I will throw in one more Realtor video today to make it 11 video clips plus I will offer you the example video making it 12! Another Bonus offer worth 80 dollars! Added up, I might bill $530.00 for this package. But because it can help out multiple people I can keep my rate today at the very affordable of 25 bucks!

I truly can not think about what your objections could be because my price is so low. I may give you the videos formatted for computer usage in zip files and they are super very easy to include in any internet site, blog, Youtube, or e-mail series. I am sending you so many video clips for one low rate since undoubtedly there may go to least one you love and can make use of and if not, I am providing a complete thirty days cash back ensure!!!

Realtor Doodle Video Instant Access

Right after your payment, you can immediately download and install the video clip documents, even if it is 2 o’clock in the early morning! Thanks for your purchase and I am sure these video clips may help your company!

BTW, if you want to modify the video clips and add your very own voice to them, I highly recommend Movavi Video clip Editor. It is economical and may do a good task for you. All you do is include a video, eliminate the voice in the video clip, if it has one, and afterwards record your voice.

Realtor Doodle Video

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Realtor Doodle VIdeo Review One Time Offers OTO’s

The “Real Estate Agent Doodle Video Bundle” is low priced and also you will certainly get the doodle video clips with no voice. They will work well for you such as this yet if you want to boost your conversions, you must go with the “One-time Offers.”

For ONLY $12.00 more, you will certainly get all of the video clips with voices affixed to them. They are brief however once more they are to the point. When you are attempting to capture somebody’s interest you just have a couple of secs to do it.

The various other One Time Deal is to obtain the 5 Bonus Commercial Videos articulated. Again, you can get this for Just $12.00 more.

The total expense for whatever is ONLY $49.00!!! You would certainly obtain 11 short Realtor Doodle videos with no voice. The very same 11 videos with a voice, 5 Reward Commercial Real estate professional videos without a voice, the same 5 videos with a voice.

Realtor Doodle Video Money back

Each video is worth in between $30 and also $40 so you can see that you are obtaining one heck of a deal!!! All of the videos for almost the cost of just one!

Some individuals like the videos without a voice so that they can include their own voice to them. Other people like the computer system voices as a result of their quality. The option is your own but the small cost of $49.00 for every one of them is a restricted time deal so you might want to grab them all with your initial acquisition.

Realtor Doodle Video

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Jeff T. Says on Youtube:

Hello Youtube, it’s Jeff T. And in today’s video, I’m going to show you a product that I just finished for Clickbank. So if you’re a Clickbank affiliate, or if you want to be an affiliate of click bait bank and help me sell this product, you know, I would greatly appreciate it, you get a 50% Commission
on the main product, which is this, the realtor doodle video bundle. And also my back end products, which are upgrades. So, on the homepage, here, I put a video in it shows an example video of what these videos are. And what it is, it’s a bundle of 10 short doodle videos that capture attention and help realtors and home buyers.
And included it’s five bonus commercial realtor videos for commercial agents. And also, there’s low priced one time offers also.
This is an example video.
So you only have a few seconds to get somebody’s attention on social media, or on your website, or some other area that you would put one of these videos to capture leads, you could put them in emails to an email list. Like I said, a website, a blog, or on social media. So basically, it can put them anywhere.
And the main product is $25. And like I said, if you’re an affiliate, each sale, you would make roughly half that.
So it would be about $10 that you’d make for just the front end product. And for the back end products, which are $12 each, you can make up to about $22 per sale.
And I don’t know how long I’m gonna keep the price $25. Guys, this is a really good deal. I estimate that it’s worth $330. If it took me, you know, quite some time to make all these videos. And if I did them for one person, it run into the hundreds of dollars. But since I’m selling it at Clickbank, I could offer it at this deep discount.
So let’s take a look. You know, you could link to my learn more page.
And you could use this banner right here
in your advertising.
In my learn more pages, just explaining the front end and back end offers.
And then at the bottom.
I have another example. I’ll show you this example.
So they’re quick into the point. And for $25 you get the videos without a voice. So you could add your own voice to them if you have something like Movavi Video Editor, which I’ll put a link to in the video description. And I’ll also link to this page so you can check it out in more detail.
But I have an affiliate page that
this is launching on February 18.
And I have a direct email swipe that I think the best way to advertise this is to go straight to realtors and send them emails. And if you go on Google
In search, realtors or realtor agencies, you could go to each one. And they usually have a contact form or email that you can contact the person. So if you just send them this email swipe,
I think that’s the best way to market this for free. You could also do paid advertising to market it.
There’s a lot of keywords, you could target
that realtors search, for example, they search such things as
people selling their house.
Homes for sale by owner.
And Today is February 4, and this is launching February 18. eastern standard time at 10am.
So at the time I’m making this video, it’s 13 days,
and 12 hours left.
So if you’re interested, just join me now at this page, and I’ll give you
ways that you can mark it it
will let you know about contests in the field my future products.
This is my first product of 2021.
And like I say on this page here, that the keyword realtors have searched 4 million times each month on Google, just in the USA, it’s a huge area to get into there’s there’s literally millions of realtors across the nation
that you could contact.
So this thing could have 1000s of affiliates. And you can still make sales by just direct marketing it for free.
And if you want to see how I do in the future, please subscribe to this channel. And I’ll show you videos as time goes on. And I’m working on more products also for this here.
So basically, that’s what I wanted to show you in this video, my new product on Clickbank I hope you like it, I hope you join me. And, you know, if you’re a realtor, I’m sure it’ll help you out. It’ll help you get some clients and some sales. And if you’re an affiliate,
you know, I hope you want to sell it and make a few bucks.
In order to sell it, you have to register at Clickbank and become an affiliate. If you need help with that just contact me. Here’s my contact right here.
If you need any help whatsoever, just contact me and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.
And if you want to see how I do with this after lunch, and then after a while, you know, just subscribe and I’ll show you videos as time goes on.
I know that some people don’t have a lot of money to advertise. However, if you did go with Google AdWords, I wouldn’t spend more than like 10 cents a click.
And basically, you could find keywords that are low priced
10 cents a clicks gonna give you a few clicks a day. But when you start get spending more money than that, you know it, it really costs a lot of money and it really isn’t profitable. And I’ll make a couple videos on that also in the near future. Okay, and also I wanted to show you the one time offers.
I think quite a few people are going to take me up on the one time offers because for only $12 more, they’ll receive all the videos with voices attached to them. These are computer voices. They’re really brief. But again, they’re there straight to the point that will capture attention. And the other one time offer is to get the five bonus commercial videos voiced. Again that’s for $12 so the total cost for everything is $49. And with that
the customer gets 11 short real turd doodle voices with no voice. They get them with a voice. They get five bonus commercial realtor videos without a voice in the same five videos with a voice
Now some people like the videos without a voice, so that they can add their own voice to them. Other people prefer the computer voices because of their clarity. And it sounds professional.
I think most people are going to take me up at the $49 mark. So as an affiliate, like I said, you’d get about half of that. But after Clickbank fees, they take away $1 plus nine plus seven and a half percent. So that would roughly be
in the neighborhood of $22, I think.
And as an affiliate, you could use my banner here, either just snip it
and just post it to a blog or your website. So that’s my realtor doodle video bundle. I hope you like it. It’s low price, so it should sell really well. So thanks for watching.
Please subscribe if you haven’t and have a great day.

Realtor Doodle Video

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