Pressplay 2 Review 2021 Plus In Depth Tutorial

PressPlay 2 Video Review

Pressplay2 Review: The greatest wish of any marketer is to locate the superb fashion to promote their products. The even more people understand the item, the more income opportunities. Yet the trouble is a means to attract humans’s attention? The way do they pay attention and also count on marketing? The way do they experience the product by means of advertising and marketing? There are masses of inquiries that exist within the minds of marketing professionals.

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There are many strategies to place it up for sale items that connect business owners use as well as video advertisements are always the handiest. However, not anybody has enough photo abilities to make their really own films or do not have the price of working with a film group. What will you do?

Today, I’m here to percentage with you one of the optimum flexible and also amazing customizable video clip gamer on the world– PressPlay 2. I tried a great deal of video clip advertising and marketing software program after that I am plainly happy to have a great revel in with PressPlay 2.

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What is PressPlay 2?

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PressPlay 2 is a change of video advertising software program that offers you whole manipulate your video clips. It is a new variation of the PressPlay v1.0 with the enhancement and updating of many exhilarating features. PressPlay 2 makes your associate advertising and marketing easy with engaging, attractive promotional video clips. It is the top quality video marketing software program with personalized video participant and also you might whole regulating all of the movies.

The way Does It Work?

PressPlay 2 is an outstanding software application to adjustable any kind of video you desire. It collaborates with 5 elements:

Visitor Experience Control

This element allows to make your target audience really feel satisfy and also clean up to look at your video clip. The Resume Playback will certainly pause the video when clients take leave and also keep play whilst they get here back.

Control your Video as well as Video Clip Gamer
PressPlay 2 indicates you a Lead Entrance to insert the decide-in kind, it is a control panel for entering your first name and also e-mail. You can add your branding watermark on the corner. There is a CTA switch (contact us to activity), photos as well as text to make sure that you can pick. You can portion on social networks by utilizing click the Share Gate at the best space.


PressPlay 2

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The rate for PressPlay 2.0 is $197. It could appear quite costly but for all the benefits it offers you, that quantity of cash is an actually good deal. The price for every variation I have mentioned as below:

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You can buy right here:

Why Should You Buy It?
It is a routine of many individuals to search for reviews when they will buy of something. By reviewing testimonials, you can easily picture what is unique about that product along with its disadvantages. That is my reason to compose the PressPlay 2.0 Testimonial.

Below are my individual thoughts on why you need to obtain PressPlay 2.0 as well as get it now.


Countless Applications
This PressPlay 2.0 enables you to re-try as well as embed numerous recordings from a great deal of location. I must not neglect to inform you that you are accredited to make use of several superior organizations such as Wistia, representation video clip or Amazon S3.

Direct Accessibility
Apparently, PressPlay 2.0 allows you to utilize it directly. And by straight I indicate you do not require to consider any third-party gadget or software program. It can be conveniently accessed from any type of program as well as any kind of contraption.

Pressplay2 30-Days Money Back Warranty

The vendor offers you a thirty days refund assurance. In case PressPlay 2.0 can not make you care sufficient, you simply have to email the vendor as well as request a reimbursement. There will disappear inquiries required.

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Free Hosting
No more losing money for organizing. Below you can obtain access to cost-free encouraging organizations without needing to deal with part. Isn’t that incredible?

Thank you for hanging around reviewing my PressPlay 2.0 Testimonial. They are all take down from my own experience, I hope it can aid you make smart decisions from this PressPlay 2.0 Review. Grab it and also show to me your views as well as experiences with this extraordinary software. Goodbye!

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PressPlay 2 In Depth Tutorial

we’re going to make my own press play 2.0 review. And press play is an app that you can use to add some dynamic features and interactivity on your video itself. So in a nutshell, here are the features of this app, you can add a lead gate, or an opt in form in your video, you can add some branding by adding a watermark, call to action, social share gate, you can add controls to the player elements, you can display a video dynamically based on your viewers choice, you can add some video skins, you can add some controls for the video speed, you can choose a free video hosting source such as YouTube and Vimeo. And this player is responsive. So it will look great both on desktop and mobile devices. And this is now the second version of this app. So if you purchased the first version, just watch my review and demo because they already added some new features in this new version. So as you can see, and now you’re in the dashboard. So let me now demonstrate to you and how you can set things up and take advantage of those features that I showed you earlier. So as you can see, I now have some campaigns here that I played around earlier. And you can see these things once you create some campaigns. But let me start a new one right now. And I can do so by clicking this one new video. And I can choose a campaign if I already have one. But for now, let’s create a new campaign. And for this one, let me name this demo campaign number two. And for the project. Let me name this demo number two again, and then click Create. Once you do, you will be taken to this page where you can now add the video that you want to use for your campaign. And I can do that by clicking this one parent video. And then here I can add the URL of the video that I want to use. And for this example, let me use this one, we copy that URL and simply paste it here. There we go. And the first thing that I can set up is the autoplay as you can see, I can toggle this button here, whether I want my video to autoplay or not. And in many cases, especially if you are creating a video sales letter on a sales page, it’s a great idea to always autoplay your video. But the feature that I really like about press plays that you now have this option to disable the autoplay on X amount of visits. Because if your visitors already, you know, went to your page multiple times, chances are they’re already getting annoyed with your video that is always being autoplay, and because while they already watched the video. So what you can do is disable the autoplay, let’s say on a third visit. So if this is already went to your webpage, three times, your video will no longer autoplay. And that will give them a better experience for them to stay on your website. Aside from that, you can also add this option where they can resume where your viewers left up. And then another thing that you can control is the video appearance. So let’s start by adding some video skins. And as you can see, we have free skins, which are iPad, Blackboard or whiteboard. And there are also some other skins right here. And for now, let me try this one, graphic number two. And as you can see, that’s a great looking skin. And then I can also add a watermark. So for the source of my watermark, I can add a URL right here, or I can upload an image. And then I also have some settings for my watermark, I can control the opacity, the position and the size of my watermark. So those are the controls that you can do to your video. But let me click this one parent video. And let me also show you some other things that you can do in this app. Let me go here to lead capture form and then enable lead capture form. And as you can see, I can add an opt in form on my video. And I can show this opt in form wherever I want. I can show it on start on end or on a custom time. And for now, let me just add it on a custom time. And let’s say I want to add it five seconds time on my video. And then I can add a headline text, which is the one that is appearing right here. For now I’ll just leave it as that I can change the color of my headline text. I can also change the button text, which is this one. Although for now, I’ll just leave that as it is. I can also change my button background color, and also the button text color. And by the way, for now, I guess you can only integrate three autoresponders in this app which I’ll be showing later on
I just hope that they will add more integrations in the future. But as you can see, you can do that. Aside from that, as you can see, I can choose whether I want the first name to appear on my opt in form, because sometimes I’m not adding this one. So I can always uncheck that if I wanted to. So that I will only ask for the email address, because nowadays, people are sometimes worried if they will be giving a lot of information because of you know, so many scams happening nowadays. So in most cases, I’m just asking for the email address, because the lesser information that you will ask from your visit, or the better chance that they can give that information. So there we go. Again, I can change the input background color, the input tax color. And I can also choose what happens after they submit the form, I can choose the video to continue playing, or I can send the viewer to another page. And if I choose that option, I can the URL, or they will be redirected once they submit their email address. But for this one, I’m going to choose continue playing the video. And again, for the background color, which is this one, you can also change the color if you wanted to, we can control the overlay opacity. Alright, so aside from that, I can add a share gate. So let me just enable this one. And there we go, we now have that share on Facebook button. And again, I can choose where I wanted this to appear on start on end or Austin time. And again, I want to show this at a custom time, maybe 10 seconds. And then for the share button again, I have a bunch of options here. Let’s just leave that as that. Alright. Aside from that, I can add a CTA button or a call to action button. So let me just enable that one. And by default, this press play images appearing. But of course, I can always change that. I can also choose where I want it to appear. And for this demo, let’s just choose on end of the video so that let’s say I’m selling something in this video, and then at the very end of the video, this button will appear where they can, you know, click to buy the product, or visit a certain website that I want them to go. And for the content type, I can either add a text or HTML or an image. For now let me just choose an image. And I can add the image source URL here. Or I can just upload an image that I want to use. Alright, so as you can see, we already added a bunch of things in our video right here. And you might already think that those things are already amazing. But I tell you what, there is more in this video player, which is probably my favorite feature that I want to show right now. And that is you can add some interruptions. Alright, so let me just enable interruption. And let me show you some powerful things that you can do right here. And again, I can choose where my interruption will appear on start on end or on a custom time. So for this one, let’s just use a custom time. And maybe I want this to appear on 15 seconds. Alright, the next thing that I can do is I can add some choices on my video by clicking this one add video and then add one more so that they can have two choices on my video. So let’s say this video is all about a weight loss program. And let’s say I have a separate program for me, and another program for female. So what they can do is choose the gender on the video itself. And on this video, they can watch another video, depending on the agenda. So let me just set that. So for this first button, let me say, male. And as you can see, I can also control the background color, the font size, the font type, text, and I can even add a border if I wanted to. And probably for this one, let’s add a border. And let’s make the border white. There we go. And for this one, let’s call it female. And then again, I can control everything. But for now let me just enable the border and let’s make the border color white. And I wish I can just click and drag this and place it wherever I want. Although for now, I cannot do that. I hope they will add that feature in the future where I can, you know, position these buttons wherever I want on the video. Let’s go ahead and check it out. And as you can see, under my parent video, I now have these two other options that they can choose once they go to that certain time that I set. And they can choose either of this. What I can do then is add a video that they can go to once they click this other two options right here. So I can do that by clicking this one male. And for this one just for the sake of this example, let me copy this and place it here as my video URL. And then for the female
again for the sake of this demo. copy this URL, paste it here. And then there we go. Aside from that, I can also do all the things that I did in our parent videos. So for example, if I wanted to set all those things under the main video as well, I can add a lead capture form sharegate call to action button for that particular video as well. And again, if I wanted to add an interruption with this particular video as well, let’s say under male, I can add something like below 20 or above 20. Or, you know, I can make my funnel even deeper if I wanted to, although you got the idea. So I don’t have to do that here. But as you can see, this feature right here is really powerful. So for now, let me just save this. And let me publish this video that we just did and show you how it looks like in a webpage. So let me click Save. And then click Publish. And as you can see, I can select play your size from here. And for now let’s choose this 1853 by four ad. And as you can see, here’s the HTML code that I can copy and paste on my webpage. So let me copy this one. And depending on the page builder that you’re using, just find a place where you can add a custom HTML and paste that code. I’m using Thrive Themes. And for this one, there’s this element called custom HTML. So let me just click and drop that here. Insert custom HTML and I can paste the HTML here. And then click Save, click Save Changes. And as you can see, because it also played in my page builder earlier, and it’s now my second time to visit this webpage, it now has this option where I can you know, skip where I left off earlier, or I can watch from the beginning. So because I want to demonstrate to you how this video looks like, after setting all these things that we did earlier, let me watch from the beginning. There we go. Alright, so as you can see on five seconds are up informer field, and then on 10 seconds, our sharegate appeared as well. And then on 15 seconds, as you can see, the choices that we placed, which are male or female also appeared. So let me test this by clicking male. There we go. So as you can see, it worked, it directed me to that video that I added when the button for me will be clicked. And then at the very end of my video, as you can see our call to action button, which is in this case, our Buy Now button also appeared. Although as you can see the buttons male and female are also appearing right there. So I should set this in a way that those things should not appear. But as you can see, you got the idea, you can place those things, which are the opt in form sharegate and this call to action button and whoever you like on your video. Alright, so just to show you the integration of the email marketing service that I told you about earlier that we go here to account and then integrations. And as you can see, so far there are only three autoresponders that you can integrate as of now which are AWeber, MailChimp and Active Campaign. And so far I just connected MailChimp account, and my main autoresponder as of right now is get response. But they don’t have that for now, I hope they will add more here in the future. But if you have these three, then you can just integrate them. So if you have AWeber, you can connect it here. Or if you’re using Active Campaign, you can connect it here as well. If you don’t have any, then you can just create our MailChimp account, which you can use for free if you have less than 2000 subscribers, although I’m considering to create an Active Campaign account because it has a native integration with kajabi, which is the membership platform that I’m using at the moment. But I do hope that you know, they will just add more email marketing services that can be integrated in this app in the future. Aside from that, this app also comes with insights and analytics. So aside from those awesome features that already showed you, you can also check the engagement of your viewers on your video. That way, you can always click on how you can create your video and where you can place those interactivities within your video. And as you can see, they will be also adding a speed test feature in the future as well. Alright, so as you can see, that’s how press play works. And I really highly recommend this program.

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