KDSPY V 5 Review (Kindle Spy V 5 Review): The Ultimate Spy Software For Kindle 2021


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KdSpy V5 Video Review
KdSpy V5

What Is KdSpy V 5 ?

I’m going to give you an introduction to the new Chrome extension that I’ve just purchased.

It’s called KdSpy V 5, I’m gonna be showing you what it can do. So you can see here I’ve just searched the longtail keyword letter tracing book, and it shows 20 results on each page.

Of course, some of them are sponsored. And some of the books, if I can find it here are going to actually skew these results. Can’t see it right now. But you’ll see what I mean in a second.

How To Use KdSpy V5?

So if I just come up here and click the Chrome extension, you can see that four letter tracing book is 20 results on the first page, as always is on every single page, it says the average sales rank is 13,000, the average monthly revenue is 12,000.

But do be careful when you’re reading that number. Because that’s not the average royalty from each book, that’s revenue.

And that’s a completely different thing. And it’s also got the average book price. But this, as I say, has been completely skewed by this one down here, it’s listed at $380, which I think is a joke price, I don’t think they’re really actually trying to sell it at that price.

And it also says the average number of reviews, the all of these books on the first page have so does a general introduction.

But what I want to look at is just some specific books. So for example, this one here is ranked 1000. And you’ll notice that we’re on amazon.com.

that’s the US store, it says 80 pages, and it’s priced at 499. So let’s check how much royalty they’re making from this book. So we can do 80 pages. And it’s 499. And I’m assuming that it’s black.

they’re making 84 cents. Every time they sell one of these books, so let’s open up the Chrome extension again.

And if we just click off here for a second, you can see that it’s CreateSpace independent publisher, which means is KDSpy as it was named back in 2017.

this is a book that you can absolutely make. And let’s just take a look at the inside just so I can show you, it’s actually got the bestseller badge, which is always really helpful. So you can see, it’s just a letter tracing book.

And these are not all that hard to make, you can definitely make one in Canva. And this is actually the Chrome extension that I was talking about in the last video.


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KdSpy V 5 WayBack Function

if we go to all the time, you can see that all books start somewhere, this one at one point was 100,000 on the US store. And you know, since October 17, really, it’s been under two or 3000, which is absolutely fantastic goes obviously a little jumper.

But it’s maintained a really fantastic sales rank throughout its book career. So what this shows is that if you can create really good books that have longevity, these are going to be serious assets that are paying royalties every month to you.

And this is why it’s important to focus on some of the harder to create books to give yourself an advantage over the competition.

And this is why I have the royalty accelerator course, that also shows you how you can make books like this and make these higher content types of books. So let’s go now on to the UK page.

you can see that we have some different results on this one. But if we try and go to find this one and check the rank that’s 1243. We’re on book yet we’re not on ebook. So what is this one called? It’s called ABC laughter tracing. So that’s definitely this one here.

108 pages. Let’s put this in tangent templates. 108 pages on the list price is let’s go back on here. It’s 551, which is I think around $7. So let’s do this. And here, that will be a royalty of $2 and five on each book.

I don’t think we can actually change the calculator to do pounds by the looks of things.

So we’ll have to settle for this. What we actually can do is click on this one here to check if it has a similar rank on the.com store. And as you can see, it’s also ranked 5000 in the USA, which is absolutely fantastic.

How To Check The Price In KdSpy V 5

if we were to check the price here that’s $7 just as I said, so yeah, they’re making $2 each time this sells and let’s see if we are now on calm. It says that
it’s making 600 sales a month at $2 royalty that will be around $1,200 which is absolutely incredible.

this book is doing almost as well as this book here that’s ranked 1000 just because they’re getting a higher royalty amount.

You can see that And surprising This one is 699. This one is 499. So even though this one is cheaper, they’re still making more money because of the difference in rank compared to this one.

what I did actually want to show you as well as back on the dot code at UK Amazon store is I just wanted to compare the difference in sales numbers.

if I can find a book that’s ranked 1000, on the UK, we can see that that correlates to with me. You can see that correlates to 400 monthly sales, whereas this one back on here, on.com, correlated to 2000, monthly sales, which means that on the.com, if you get the same rank of 1000, you’re actually making five times as many sales, just because it’s a bigger market, and there’s a lot more competition.

getting to the 1000 BSR is a lot harder in America. And as a result, you’re getting more royalties from that. So I also want to do is compare the sales numbers on this Chrome extension to the sales estimates from this website I always have used since I started KDSpy, just to see if they have similar correlating numbers. So you can see that this one here, it says 2157 sales Pro book ranked 1039. S

o if I put in 1039, it says that’s 2140 sales per month. So that’s pretty accurate. I would say, therefore, I would have a lot of confidence that this kdspy v5 Chrome extension is pretty accurate as estimation of sales.

this is just a great tool to analyze niches, to also look at different types of books and see what you want to be publishing. So actually bought this Chrome extension for the longer 30,000 word books I’m creating, because it’s recommended in courses to do so.


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what they say is that when you’re searching for a niche, it’s great to have this because you always need to look at the monthly sales rank, especially on the Kindle Store, because you want it to be around 50,000 average sales rank on the first page.

But that does not apply to low content and no content. Anything with a BSR under a million is probably still worth publishing, when it comes to low or no content.

But when you’re investing money into a big book, you got to make sure there’s enough demand.

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Brand New Characteristic in KDSPY v5

The most recent version of KDSPY (v5) includes the following renovations:

Schedule outcomes include paperback as well as hardcover publications– This was one of the most asked for features by users.

Despite the fact that KDSPY is still mainly a Kindle research device, publication results will certainly currently consist of paperback and hardbound books.

Reserve tracking covers KdSpy, paperback, as well as hardcover publications

The publication tracking function will include paperback and also hardbound publications. The monitoring web page will certainly have tabs for Kindle, hardcover, as well as book publications.

Author web pages now include information for Kindle, book, and also hardcover books– Writer pages will certainly include tabs that organize a writer’s released books as Kindle, book, or hardcover publications.

Brand new approximated everyday sales demand algorithm– KDSPY v5 includes a brand new algorithm that informs you exactly how many publications you need to market in 24-hour to place No. 1 and No. 20 in any kind of book group.

Boosted precision on approximated month-to-month sales formula– The formula KDSPY utilized to compute estimated month-to-month was excellent, but it wasn’t 100% reputable. KDSPY v5 improves the accuracy of the formula to offer you better outcomes.

20 Day Book Traking Is Inclusive

Extensive (A-Z) search recommendations– The keyword search tool currently consists of a choice to draw A-Z search engine result. Search engine result additionally consist of the number of rivals for a keyword expression and a web link to its approximated typical month-to-month income.

New appearance and also really feel

— KDSPY v5 has a new appearance with tabbed formating for book outcomes. You can sort your results by Kindle books or paperback/hardcover books. Much more variations of books (Audible books, and so on) might be included the future.

How Is The KDSPY V5 Pricing?

KDSPY has actually offered in the past for $97, however it’s presently available for a discounted one-time repayment of $47. There is no subscription or any surprise costs. The price consists of cost-free lifetime updates of the software program and also a 60-day contentment guarantee. You can acquire a duplicate of the latest software program below.


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KDSPY Installment

The KDSPY web browser extension services Google Chrome as well as Firefox. The Chrome variation can be downloaded directly from the Chrome Internet Shop.

To install the Firefox version, you have to download and install the newest version of the software program straight from the main site (when you have an account). Drag and also go down the file right into your Firefox web browser to mount it. Unfortunately, the Firefox extension doesn’t immediately receive updates, so you’ll have to get rid of and re-install it whenever a brand new upgrade is launched.

Keep in mind: The KDSPY browser extension won’t function until you buy the software program and visit with your username and password. There are no complimentary trials.


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I Would Buy It For The Following Reasons

  • Obtains regular updates– KDSPY is consistently updated with brand new attributes.
  • Terrific price– An one-time repayment of $47 is an irresistible cost for a tool with so several useful functions.
  • User friendly browser extension– KDSPY is user-friendly to make use of as well as can quickly be installed on Chrome and Firefox internet browsers.
  • Schedule tracking– You can watch on as lots of Kindle books as you like making use of guide tracking function and also accumulate efficiency data over thirty days.
  • Supports numerous Kindle shops– KDSPY is not limited to data from the U.S. Kindle market. It sustains eight various other country-specific Kindle shops: UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, France, and also Japan.

I Wouldnt Buy It For The Following Reasons

  • No automated updates for Firefox– Firefox individuals must manually eliminate and re-install the software application whenever a brand new significant update is launched.
  • Does not reveal Amazon.com need data– KDSPY does not display the approximated monthly Amazon.com searches for keyword phrases like other Kindle posting tools.
  • No assistance for Safari and also various other browsers– KDSPY doesn’t have any type of strategies to release an extension for Safari, Microsoft Edge, as well as other internet browsers.

Last Thoughts On KdSpy V5

Reserve marketing research can assist you make better choices when writing your publication, picking a title, developing a cover, composing the description, and also marketing the last product. Along with the similar however a lot more pricey Publisher Rocket, KDSPY takes the work out of the process by helping you to promptly locate the appropriate classification for your book. You will not have to lose useful time manually experiencing lots of niches to discover the best one for your book.

Having such a big affordable advantage over other writers can seem like dishonesty, but it actually simply indicates you have a much better understanding of the market. Getting that knowledge for simply $47 is a steal, and to top it off, the software secures free updates permanently. We believe it’s a deserving addition to your Kindle posting tool belt and also completely recommend it.


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