EasyVSL 3.0 Review 2021 Plus In Depth Tutorial

EasyVSL 3 Video Review

EasyVSL 3.0 Review: One of the largest problems for a great deal of video marketing experts is the capability to create professional looking videos. For me directly, I would certainly claim this is the hardest thing. Sure there are lots of white boards video design makers around yet they have long discovering curves and also can be fairly time-consuming.

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Pertaining to video, did you understand that 92% of the leading Clickbank products make use of VSLs? VSLs (Video Sales Letters) are greatly effective, regardless of whether you like them or not.

I use them for my on products as well as am a paying user of EASY VSL 2.0. As a matter of fact, that was just one of the best products I ever before acquired and also have utilized it to produce YouTube videos, VSLs and benefit video clips among others.
What Is EasyVSL 3.0?

92% of the top-selling items on Clickbank (the biggest electronic marketplace online) as well as are getting even more sales as well as greater conversions due to video clip.

Facebook gets over 8 billion Video clip views … and over 100 million hrs of video clip is eaten by its customers daily.

So it’s very easy to state that Video is here to stay … and also it’s impacting marketers in an effective means.

However producing high-quality videos was time consuming … as well as almost impossible to do unless you were an expert video designer.

EasyVSL 3.0

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Today Mark Thompson created a best solution that helps marketing experts to create their own videos in simply 4 easy steps in a few mins.

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EasyVSL 3.0

is a brand new software program that is designed by Mark Thompson not only aids over 40,000 satisfied Marketing experts and also Online Entrpreneurs produce high transforming videos in minutes, however likewise produces all sorts of videos.

· Lead Capture Videos

· Webinar Registration Videos

· Affiliate review Video clips

· Videos for Facebook and also Youtube Advertisements

· Key Words Optimizes Videos for Search Engine Optimization

· Meeting Transcription video clips

· Testimony and Study video clips

· Therefore much more …

All I did was create the script. My friend Lenny talked as well as tape-recorded and also MP3 with Audacity (FREE) and afterwards I used the software application to sync. If I were much better at graphics, it would have looked sexier however the factor it, it’s extremely easy to use.

Version 3 is also much better with some great features:

EasyVSL 3.0

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[+] Kinetic Computer Animation: Produce “kinetic-style” or computer animation typography video clips using one of the 10 pre-designed kinetic styles.

[+] Import Keynote/Powerpoint: Import any kind of existing keynote or powerpoint presentation right into EasyVSL.

[+] Picture Library/YouZign Assimilation: Now you can browse over 1,000,000 aristocracy totally free images/graphics to include straight into your EasyVSL video clips.

[+] Audio Result Transitions: You can add noises results to your slide as well as message changes to help order the visitors interest.

[+] Speech Recognition: You don’t need to manually sync your slides with your voice. Just push the button and also watch EasyVSL sync your voice with your slides.

Enhancements have been made to the features you already if you are an EASY VSL 2 customer:

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[+] Easy Manuscript to Move Creation
[+] Extra Move Design templates
[+] More Typefaces (use your neighborhood PC/Mac font styles).
[+] Drag as well as Go Down Existing Video Clip Clips.
[+] Extra Accurate Speech-to-Text Discovery.
[+] Extra Text-to-Speech Voices/Languages.
[+] 30+ Languages to Convert Your Videos.
[+] Extra Quick Key Shortcuts.

Special Features of EasyVSL 3.0:

Recently IMPROVED and Upgraded EasyVSL Core Includes:.

Automatic slide production.

Paste in your message and also let EasyVSL create slides for you immediately, removing the demand to by hand enter content slide by slide.


Even less complicated with per-line or “tick” control.

Personalized slide history themes.

Pick a color, slope, background picture, or custom-made format, as well as obtain a gorgeous history for your discussion in simply seconds.


Currently with a Collection of Over 75 Templates.

Dozens of Custom Fonts.

Select from lots of high quality, beautifully engaging fonts already pre-loaded within the software program.

Place Existing Video.

This is perfect if you’re wishing to put a demo of your product, in-front of the electronic camera video clip, or any type of video you can think up.


Currently with a Library of Over 75 Design templates.

Speech-to-Text Video Clip Development.

Simply “talk” to EasyVSL as well as it will instantly convert your speech to message when developing each video clip slide.

1-Click Translation.

Advertising and marketing to a number of various nations? Instantly translate your text utilizing our built-in translation tool. In just a couple of mins, you can develop multiple videos, particular to the language of your option!


Currently sustaining X languages.

Text-to-Speech (TTS).

Pick one of our all-natural sounding voices to read the text on each of your slides, producing an audio data that can be utilized for your EasyVSL video clip.


Extra accent and languages to select from.

Integrated Sound Recording.

Say goodbye to having to utilize various other audio recording software application. EasyVSL currently has an integrated recording feature, which enables you to tape-record and also edit your audio directly in the timeline.


Easier to tape as well as edit your audio.

1-Click Video Submission.

Currently you can release to preferred video clip sites like YouTube, Vimeo, as well as several others from directly inside the application.


Included control and also personal privacy when posting to third celebrations.

Quick Key Shortcuts.

Function your means around EasyVSL much faster and also better making use of Quick Keys. Quick Keys are keyboard faster ways that enable you to do things like Undo/Redo, Copy, Cut, Paste, Bold, etc. straight from your key-board.

EasyVSL 3.0

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Additional quick crucial faster ways to work quick inside EasyVSL.

Export Slides to PDF Presentation.

Now you have the capability to export your EasyVSL moves into a PDF, so you can share them with others or utilize for a discussion.

Timeline Editor.

Their user-friendly timeline editor makes it very simple to produce and create a prepared to go, high converting sales video in minutes.

· Multi-Layer.

Multi-Layer Now you can add/import numerous sound and also video layers directly inside of the timeline.

· Sound Volume Control:.

Easily adjust the volume level inside the timeline, without needing to utilize a third event sound modifying program.

· Misc Enhancements.

Consisting Of Timeline Snapping, Zoom-in/Zoom-out, and ability to make instantaneous cuts in your audio/video data.

New Includes Released in EasyVSL Variation 3.0!


Automated Speech Acknowledgment.

No More Manually Syncing Your Video Clip Slides with Your Voiceover Audio! Using their built-in speech recognition and intelligence feature, EasyVSL can instantly sync your whole voiceover sound to your slides … transitioning the slides at the best time!

Instant Picture Browse Library.

Obtain instant accessibility to over 1,000,000 royalty totally free images/graphics directly from inside EasyVSL, for a very easy means to improve your videos.

Import EasyVSL Presentations.

Have an existing EasyVSL presentation on one more computer? Currently you can export and also import (or share) that discussion onto an additional computer running EasyVSL.

Sound Effect Collection.

Add audio effects to your slide as well as message changes to aid order your viewers’ attention and to include one more degree of expertise to your video clips. Use their integrated sound impacts or upload your own!

YouZign Combination.

Immediately import your YouZign-created photos right into your EasyVSL video clips.

Import Powerpoint & Keynote Presentations.

Their biggest feature request, is currently offered! Currently you can import existing Microsoft Powerpoint and also Keynote discussions right into EasyVSL.

( Coming Soon – Free to All v3.0 Members).

Just a Handful of our Included Video Clip Sales Letters Developed by Genuine EasyVSL Members!

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EasyVsl Can Be Used For All Kinds Of Business Usage Cases.

How It Works:.

Action 1: Paste Your Manuscript & Add Your Slide Transitions.

Action 2: Choose Your Layout, Deal, & Impacts.

Action 3: Add Your Sound & Sync with Slides.

Tip 4: Export or Upload.

Why Should You Get EasyVSL 3.0 Currently?

See what their customer say about EasyVSL 3.0:.

” VSLs have actually helped me in several of my niche sites over the past couple of years to triple the profits per site visitor from a number of various deals. This has actually led to conveniently an added million bucks or more (it’s difficult to gauge specifically because of various other aspects, but the effect has been MASSIVE). EasyVSL puts VSL making on steroids making it 10x simpler than ever with their switch software application. Very advised.” – Mark Ling.

” I have actually been making use of Easy VSL for the last couple of months without telling anybody. I use ScriptDoll to create my VSL and afterwards put the message in, as well as it outputs right into Easy VSL. Everyone thinks I have actually simply better at putting together VSLs yet the genuine trick for me and also the ScriptDoll team is Easy VSL. I can not get over exactly how easy it is to crank out a VSL since I have this software application”– Ben Adkins.

Final thought.

Bear in mind, this is a limited time promo.

When this ends, the price is increasing or will be totally closing the door to new members.

So start making more with your video clips.

EasyVSL 3.0

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In Depth Tutorial

If you’re considering buying EZ VSL 3.0, but wants to know more about the program, or you don’t want to pay the monthly and the yearly recurring fees, and this video is for you. Hi, my name is Ilya from videos and persuasion calm. And today I’m going to go over all of easy vs sells features, including the classic style of ESL, the kinetic style of ESL, and everything else that they have available. And then I will tell you about a way that you might be able to get a lifetime discount on the program where you just have to pay one fee. And you can use the program forever without having to pay any recurring, monthly or yearly fees. So let’s just jump right into it and create a classic style VSL first, and then I will do a kinetic style. So first of all, you click on Create, and you see all of these templates, they have about 60 some backgrounds that look like this, to be honest, most of them aren’t really necessary. It’s nice to have all of these, but most people are probably just going to use the you know, select the color. So you know, dark blue, whatever you want. The gradients, colorful tile, strip line, browser, maybe some of the nature, the beach ones for make money online via cells. But in general, all of these aren’t really necessary. And you don’t need all of these. And there’s also a lot more if you purchase the $199 upsell, but I don’t really see a point in doing that. I don’t think the upsell is personally worth it. I’ll you can, you can see more about it. If you want. There’ll be a link in the description below. But I don’t personally think it’s really worth it, I don’t think you should really buy it. Alright, so let’s just say pick the colorful tile, click Next. And I paste in the script. So I have a script prepared, I’m just going to paste it in. And as you can see easy VSL just automatically separated the the video into different slides everywhere where you see this little red thing. That’s where a new slide will start. And you can also delete these and manually set the slide separations by pressing Ctrl and enter. As you can see, it just glitched out a little bit and added all of these different spaces, which sometimes happens, this program is not perfect, it does glitch out from time to time. As you can see it just did it once again. And you can actually Ctrl Z, so I lost all my scripts. So I’m just gonna copy and paste once again, do that. And there you go. One thing is that with a kinetic video, you actually it doesn’t automatically do this. You’ll notice at the bottom right corner right here, there is an auto checkmark. And it will automatically do this. But for kinetic video that’s not there, and you have to automatically or you have to manually set all of these yourself. And if you have a very long VSL that can get quite annoying. So let’s just move forward.
You can preview what text goes on each slide here, it’s not really that important for the text VSL. But once you get into a advanced kinetic VSL, this becomes important. And I’ll show you why later. And then this is what the editor looks like. Sometimes it doesn’t load. So you have to go here and then here. This is what the editor actually looks like. So first of all, the advantage of EZ VSL over other VSL software like content samurai, or in video could be used for that lumen five kind of could be used for that promo com could be used for that is that you can move everything around wherever you want. Content Samurai only has nine positions, it has 12345678 and nine, EZ VSL. You can move whatever you can add as many images as you want to each slide. So let’s say I want to add a cat image, I can add a cat image, let’s say I want to add a beach image because maybe I’m doing a beach style of ESL, I can use add a beach image. And then let’s say I don’t want it to be this big. Let’s say I want it to be smaller, I can make it smaller, and I can make this smaller. And I can put them right here doesn’t look beautiful. That’s fine. I’m just demonstrating the product right here. And content samurai, you’re limited to only having one image with layouts that look like
that’s not the button that I want it to click with layouts that look like this. So left, right top or bottom or behind any cbsl you can move things wherever you want. As you can see, you can also adjust the slide themes individually, which is pretty cool, but one thing that’s really important is this bulk Actions tab. And whenever this is selected, every action that you do will affect everything else. So I can’t choose I can’t select this. I can’t select this but I can add an image or I can add a watermark. So I’ll add an image. Let’s say I’ll add another beach image Why not? And let’s say add a letterbox
and as you can see it was added to every single slide
But now I cannot edit this image as a bulk action, I can select it, I can press bulk action, but then I cannot actually edit it bulk action prevents me from doing that. And the problem with that is, is you can see, I can move it around right here, I can edit it, I can change the size of it to whatever I want it to be. And it doesn’t change in all of the slides. So if you wanted to, let’s say, have a watermark, the same thing is for the watermark, by the way. So for example, if you add a watermark, you can add it to all slides. And for the watermark, you can actually bulk move the watermark. But if you, you can’t bulk change the size. So if you add a watermark, and it’s this big, and you want to move it right here you can. But if you try to make it smaller, like if your watermark is this big, for example, and you try to make it smaller, it will only become smaller on this slide and not on all of the other ones. So you could technically just size it correctly beforehand, and then you can bulk move it. But it’s an extra step that shows that the software isn’t really as perfect as it could be. What other features does it have, you can edit the text so you can select the text effect, you can do a blur. And you can preview that that’s what a blur looks like. or a scramble. That’s what a scramble looks like.
You can change a slide animation, align different things, select the font, make this a bullet point, or make the sound regular text, you can add sound to the beginning of the slides. So something like pay per swipe
or Knock knock, you can add it to all of them if you want. And if you buy the upsell, the 199 upsell, there’s a lot more different sounds. But I don’t really think they’re that necessary, especially if you actually add music to the background of your VSL. So once you’re done with selecting the layout, moving everything around and editing the annoying images, as you can see, if I want to delete all of these images, like if I send this to backward,
and then if I send this more backward and more backward, it’s still in front of the text, I have to remove it completely or move it out of the way and I cannot edit it on all of the slides, I have to do it on a per slide basis. So once that’s done, you can click Next. And this is what the voiceover section looks like. There’s multiple ways to add a voiceover and you can add audio. by importing it recording it or using the text to speech feature, I have not used the text to speech feature. Because you do have to set up IBM Watson, you have to get an account, you have to get API key and connect the API key put it in here, it doesn’t take that long about 10 to 15 minutes The first time you do it. And I do, I think it’s just the same as content samurais voice even if it’s not the robot voices all sound the same. I never use robot voices, which is why I don’t have this. But you have to do the same thing. If you want to do auto speech recognition, which is if you have a voiceover right here. And you want the program to automatically sync your voiceover to the slides, you have to click this button. And you’ll also have to get a IBM Watson account also have to get the API key and put it in here. There’s the video and it does take about 10 to 15 minutes The first time you do it. But once it’s done, it’s done. And it works. So how does the audio recording work? Let’s say I want to record it in here, I’ll press report. And you can see I can actually hear myself talking just a little bit of annoying
for us to start recording.
And sometimes I dream about the ocean, the ocean breeze, the tumbling waves, I see the surfers in their element free. And I don’t remember what the rest of it is, I’m just gonna, I’m just gonna stop here because I can’t see behind the little the annoying image problem. So I’m just gonna import it into here. And then I’m going to use the auto speech recognition feature. But first, there’s two different things you can do, you can auto sync the slides, which just sets the slide duration at whatever you select. So I could make each slide point five seconds.
Or I can make each slide. Like the recommended duration is usually five seconds based on the text. I can make use. I like that this can work. But it’s not perfect. So if I remove all markers, one way you can do that is by actually just pressing play sometimes and then I dream about clicking on the ocean every time you need to switch the slide waves I see I see the surfers in their in their element. So as you can see, I just did that myself. Let’s remove all markers and use the auto speech recognition. So I’m going to press OK. It’s going to load it has to load it upload it to their server and it has to process it. So if you have a longer audio This can take a while since my audio is like 12 seconds long. I don’t expect it to take Yeah, that was pretty quick as you can see. And you can see.
Let’s take a look at how it did. Sometimes I dream about the ocean, the ocean breeze, the tumbling waves. I see the surfers in their elements
Free. And I don’t remember what the rest of it is just ah
in their elements, okay, yeah, just didn’t switch right here. So it did it, I did pretty well. Unless you have really, really short slides or your speech, maybe you have a strong accent or something, the text to speech works pretty well. And even then you can quickly create it up here. So that is pretty much it for the
regular VSL. Let’s move on to the kinetic one. Because this is something that a lot of people have actually, you know, wondered about. So whoops. Interesting, I just clicked on a random one. So I’m gonna paste one kinetik style, press OK. And these are the templates that I have. If you purchase it, you will not have access to all of these once again, unless you buy the 199 upsell, I’m sure you can see that that’s a trend here.
If you don’t buy the night 199 upsell, you don’t get as much stuff. But I don’t really think it’s really that necessary. If you don’t buy it, you have either seven or five templates. I think it’s the first five are the first seven. I’m not quite sure, because I’ve just bought the upsell. And I think there’s 12 extra templates, maybe 13, and the upsell. So that would mean that all of these are basically extras.
Anyway, let me just show you this one. That’s what the preview looks like that it’s going to show you what the second slide looks like. Maybe eventually, no, that one doesn’t. Okay, so that’s the first slide.
That’s the second slide. And then some of these previews are very, very fast. There you go, that’s really, really fast, which is actually kind of nice, because you can see it really quickly. And some of these are really, really slow. So one problem with these is you cannot edit these at all. So for example, this goes from, you know, red to, you know, red and white to blue, whatever. And this uses blue, and yellow. So if none of these fit your brand’s colors, then you’re kind of out of luck, you can’t change the colors of these templates at all. And one thing that’s also really annoying is that the movement does get pretty annoying pretty fast like these would work for maybe a
two to three minute video. But if it gets anywhere longer than that, then the the random movement, and the repetitive movement just becomes distracting because there’s not enough variation in each of these templates. So let’s I selected that one. Once again, as you can see, I can just paste in my thing. And there is no automatic button right here. So what I have to do is just press control, enter, and add these on my own. And as you can see, I’m not adding them in the same places as it did before. And the reason for that is because
each of these will actually be split into three different lines, because each slide has three text lines. So this would be perfect, right? This would be three lines, some of these would get broken up. So let’s do the ocean breeze, the tumbling waves, I see the surfers and their elements. And let’s take a look at how it does. As you can see some sentences are too long. So it will automatically break them up. And the way it does it is not really perfect.
So let me show you what I mean. For example, here sometimes I dream about the ocean, the ocean breeze, the tumbling waves, it doesn’t really work that well, because it just uses whenever it sees the maximum limit, it just
separates it. So I can’t type that much more here. So just put ocean in the next line. Ideally, it would be a little bit smarter. But basically you have to edit this here on so about the ocean. There’s no reason to have this right here. Right? one time when I did this, it actually just taught the right here and then on the next slide, the sentence continued, which is just terrible form. Why would you leave and use the preposition is not a preposition. I don’t know, what would you leave the right here and then have another line, you know, the next line start on the next slide. So let’s do that. And you can see this one, I didn’t even separate into separate ones, I wanted this to be its own slide. So when a joyful flowing satisfied instead of this, but that’s whatever. Let’s just press next and see what happens. So this is the preview, this is what it looks like. And as you can see, I can’t really edit much. All I can do is just type edit the text a little bit, but that is it. I can’t edit anything else. And you can see it does break a little bit. That’s just the preview breaking. Like if I go back and forth a couple of times, it will look a little bit strange right here and same thing here. And that happens for pretty much all of these. It’s not super problematic, but it does get a little bit annoying if you’re trying to edit things. And if you’re trying to see how it actually looks. And then once you press the next this is just exactly the same. So let me just preview let you preview this. It’s gonna be very laggy because I am recording on and also you’re not going to see the next slide because a slide
timings are not set. So there’s something about Jim about the ocean, the ocean breeze and the next slide happens. And it’s very laggy. So you’re not actually seeing the entire benefit of the slide. So I will probably create another video that shows all of the kinematic templates and what they look like. So you can decide whether or not you want to buy the 199. upsell. So next up, let’s talk about the pricing. Alright, so I’m on the easy VSL website, this is what it looks like. And if you scroll all the way down to the bottom, they’ll have their pricing right here. So you either pay 97 today and pay 999 per month, or you pay 197 per year, and then you pay or you just pay 197 per year, excuse me. So
those seem to be the only two options. But the trick is, they have a retargeting offer that may or may not be gone, I can’t guarantee that this still works, because I have no idea that they may have just tried it for a month or a week or a year, I don’t know. But what you can do is one you go to easy vsl.com The link will be in the description below to you spend some time on their website, you take a look at, you know, you just scroll by you take you spend some time on their website to make sure that you you spent at least a minute and a half, maybe two minutes on it, because it might be based on the timing, then I would click on get instant access to some of these things. And one thing that I would actually do is I would fill out add your name, last name and email. So first, last and then email@gmail.com, which is invalid.
And then I would just leave.
So are you sure continue. And then I will leave. The reason for that is twofold. Number one is that I’ve just closed the tab and get out number one is they will retarget you on Facebook. And I got retargeted with a lifetime offer for $67, which is where you can get a lifetime deal. But number two, the reason you’re entering the email is because they might also have a retargeting offer for email. I’m not 100% sure,
but they may add it or abandoned cart offer. So if you fill it out and don’t buy, within a couple of days, they might send you an offer for a lifetime a really big discount or something like that. So spend some time on the website, then close it, press buy fill out the information but don’t buy it, then you know go to Facebook, you might get retargeted right away probably won’t. You’ll have to use Facebook normally for the next couple of days. And if you don’t get retargeted See if you get an email from them. If you don’t, then I guess the retargeting offer is no longer available, and you have to purchase easy VSL with these two options. Now is it worth it if you have to pay this much, in my opinion? Probably not. I don’t think that easy. VSL is actually worth $97 today and 999 per month or even 197 per year,
simply because it only does vsls. And even if you only need to create via cells, if you’re paying 197 per year, you might as well pay a little bit extra and just get content Samurai because then that program will just pay for itself because you can create vsls you can create social media videos, you can create influencer videos you can use background videos has a lot more features for not that much more.
But on the other hand, if you only do want to create vs sells, and if you do get that lifetime offer either through Facebook retargeting, or through the email by clicking here and filling it out, then it’s I think it’s worth it because you only have to pay $67 and you can create vsls for as long as you want. And if you are in the internet marketing space, you’re probably creating a VSL like once a week, maybe once a month, even then it’s still worth it. Now if you’re creating like maybe a VSL a day, then sure these options probably makes sense for you.

EasyVSL 3.0

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