Doodle Maker Reviews 2021 Thats Why Doodle Maker Is The Best AI Software For Doodle Videos

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Doodle Maker Video Review

Is Doodle Maker good or poor? This review will certainly answer that. There are numerous doodle animators on the market today, yet this is a recently launched alternative that asserts to assist you produce high-grade doodles or hand sketch animation videos. All of this quickly and with minimal difficulty. Well, we are doubtful and lots of people have actually questioned whether the Doodle Maker software application deserves the rate. We are mosting likely to learn in this review.

Doodle Videos

Doodle videos are computer animated video clips. You may understand them as one more thing– white boards computer animations. Yes, these video clips are one-of-a-kind and are utilized by several industries as well as business today. Unlike routine animation, doodle videos resemble animations with a narrator giving the message of the video clip.

As this is an audio-visual tool, it makes it so a lot a lot more less complicated to involve the interest of your visitors and target audience. It will certainly keep all customers glued to their displays, and you can then pass on the details that you desire.

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Why are they vital?
Well, whiteboard computer animation videos are very essential because of the variety of means marketing experts try to catch the interest. The market room is filled up with various means of passing a message across to the target market, and also lots of people are already tired of a lot of these techniques. By presenting doodle video clips, you will put a fresh spin on your advertising and marketing efforts which can pay off in the long run.

It has been discovered that these video clips are highly reliable at engaging as well as fascinating the viewers. Nevertheless, hiring someone to produce a video for you can be relatively expensive.

As well as if you determine to do it on your own, it may occupy a lot of time as well as may be irritating. The Doodle Maker claims to be developed to assist with this. We provided it a spin and also in this evaluation, we will certainly give you our results.

Doodle Maker Features

This software application is the initial Doodle Video clip Production Software application that utilizes AI to allow you develop the doodle video clip of your selection. As a result of this feature, any individual can easily make a doodle video clip– also if they do not have any experience in developing such. It is available in 60 major languages. Therefore, if you are seeking to boost your advertising initiatives with doodle video clips, this is a low-cost method of doing so.

The Doodle Maker is a cloud-based choice that does not only make the whiteboard video clips, however can also make glass and chalkboard video clips. It comes with several features which we will still highlight in this testimonial. It is readily available as a functional choice as well as there are humanlike voiceovers that will certainly make the video clips a lot more authentic.

In addition to that, this software program is likewise available with translation and also transcription capacity. Therefore, even if all you have is a video clip script, the software program can assist with transforming this into a doodle video clip.

As Covid-19 restrictions remain to be established, individuals out of jobs are getting skills to assist them endure throughout this duration. Well, if you have a service that is slowing down, utilizing a doodle animation may be the jolt in the arm that your organization needs to grab again. Now is the moment to find out how to utilize Doodle Maker as well as the benefits it can have for your business.

The brains behind this software have years of experience screening as well as developing products as well as this is an item that you will certainly not locate its kind anywhere else.

With the huge selection of features available, you have an option that will assist your company expand, not just locally, however throughout the world.

More people are seeing the benefits of doodle animations and want that for their business. Therefore, you can learn it as well as utilize it to generate income.

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How Doodle Maker Works

Due to all that we have actually said, you are most likely interested about how this software program works. Well, it is pretty straightforward. With the software application, you can make videos with no pre-existing material through the Editor.

To use it, enter your message. This can vary a large variety of points. For instance, the text may be a digital book or a video clip script. It is any kind of message that you desire. Once the text has been inputted, the artificial intelligence function of the Doodle Maker will certainly equate this and set it up with the database as well as provide the doodle image that ideal communicates the message.

If you do not intend to make use of the AI, you can also personalize the pictures that exist to you. Just how? Well, Doodle Maker has a huge library of pictures and also provides you high-grade modern technology to help you manage this to the optimal capability.

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Since of this, there is a near-endless listing range of opportunities that you can take pleasure in. Release your internal creative with Doodle Maker The brochure is abundant as well as the pictures are various. By grasping it, you will absolutely save tons of time, initiative, as well as cash that would certainly have been made use of laboring over something of bad requirement.

Whether you are an individual instructor or a teacher or and also instructor, you can capitalize on this software. You can be an online marketer too as well as use it to attract the attention of your audience.

We have actually seen that Doodle Maker is an outstanding software application with plenty of advantages. From our testing and the research we have done, many individuals love this software application. What are the functions of Doodle Maker that lots of delight in making use of?

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Allow’s see.Videos

This is clearly among one of the most famous attributes of this software application. With Doodle Maker, you have the capability. This capacity to produce top notch video clips is underrated but it is among the points that the Doodle Maker is known for. Along with making your video clips, the software application likewise enables you lots of personalization alternatives. To that end, you can tailor points like the kind of animation, the message, and also various other stuff. You can transform the history of the images as well as the colors, all in a proposal to get the specific computer animation that you want.

When producing anything, creativity is necessary, as well as nowhere else will certainly you find imagination encouraged than in Doodle Maker. When making your video clip, picking your photos, and inputting the voice overs, you have a lot of modification options. For that reason, you can figure out the structure, color, animation kind as well as time, the kind of shifts therefore far more.

What Is Doodle Maker?

Furthermore, Doodle Maker has actually been fitted with a charming function– the Photo to Sketch converter. As the name indicates, this is going to assist you change your imported image right into an illustration. Apart from that, there is an editor, watermarking function. As well as so a lot more modification opportunities with this software.

Doodle Maker Software

All of these attributes that we have mentioned earlier behave, yet they are ultimately pointless if you can not utilize them. That is why we are eased that Doodle Maker includes remarkable ease of usage.

Right from the very first page that you encounter, every little thing is straightforward to make use of. If you require any kind of help, the directions of use are simple to understand. Unlike other software program that will take you months to also understand, this software is straightforward to obtain.

To reveal that it is tailored towards aiding you obtain the hang of it quite quickly, newbies have accessibility to systematic video training. Other than that, the explainer videos also show you just how you can monetize your skill with Doodle Maker.

One of the best features of the Doodle Maker software application is the combination of an AI video clip translation engine. It includes a number of advantages to you. This feature is one that is particular to this software application as well as isn’t found on any kind of various other.

With the AI attribute, you can translate your videos right into different languages. As a result, if you are seeking to spread right into other demographics, the ability to have your doodle animation talk the language of the audience is a fantastic one.

Doodle Maker has an extensive collection, and this is just one of the best features of it. Accessing the huge library can be a problem. Nevertheless, the makers have actually found a way around this trouble. As opposed to browsing independently, you can now use the Text to Picture finder feature. Therefore, input the keyword of your photo and also you will locate that the software application will certainly offer you the pictures that are precisely associated with the text that you have actually inputted.

Since of the Text To Speech, you can have the message that you have actually inputted said aloud by the engine. You can make use of greater than 50 languages from various regions all over the world. You can likewise choose the accent that you want the engine to use in reviewing out the speech.

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Design templates
This function is very closely associated to the library. There is no doubt that Doodle Maker features a huge selection of photos as well as icons.

These range from white, black, to glass boards. You can additionally discover them across a number of markets. Consequently, you have a prefabricated template for you to make use of to produce your following video.


It is feasible to even utilize your voice or choose a tape-recorded data.

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Price of the software
Simply assume about all the advantages of making use of Doodle Maker. You would certainly believe that it will be an expensive option. Nonetheless, it is rather cost effective. Pay it simply when and you prepare to use it for as long as you desire.

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Rewards and also Upgrades

As we have actually seen until now, Doodle Maker features lots of advantages. However, that is not all. There are plenty of bonus offers and also upgrades that you can additionally take pleasure in when you pick the software program.

Mentorship Training

As the name implies, this is a mentorship training where you will obtain a systematic guide on exactly how to get the most effective from the software application. It will instruct you where to obtain leads and traffic.

Team Accessibility

One more benefit that you will get is the opportunity to join the Skype group. It is a personal channel where you can satisfy up with similar individuals of Doodle Maker like yourself and also take pleasure in picking up from them. Component of the benefits that you obtain with this includes totally free software program presents, once a week training, as well as more.

Advantages of Doodle Maker

This software application will certainly aid you to have even more involvements for your business. You will have the ability to get to more people across different social media sites systems.
As a cloud-based alternative, you can utilize it on any suitable computer and you can develop videos also if you do not have any kind of experience.
Boosting your ROI has actually also never been less complicated than with this software application.
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This is cloud-based.
You can not make use of Doodle Maker without the net connection
Another limitation of this exceptional software application is that the video clip resolution is limited to 720 and 1080p videos.
Who Should Utilize It?
With the pandemic ruining the entire globe, many people shed their jobs, but Doodle Maker is below to aid. More people chose to function from residence and utilize the internet for earning money/.

Well, if you are trying to find a method to supplement your income, you can discover this software application and use your expertise to help others.

Whether you are an individual fitness instructor or a teacher or and instructor, you can take advantage of this software. You can be a marketer too and utilize it to draw the focus of your audience.

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Final thought.

Whiteboard computer animations are getting more grip and more firms use them. As Covid-19 restrictions proceed to be implemented, people out of jobs are acquiring skills to assist them make it through during this duration and also are searching for ways to earn money.

Well, if you have an organization that is slowing down, using a doodle computer animation may be what it needs. Currently is the moment to discover exactly how to utilize Doodle Maker and the advantages it can have for your business. You can also discover it and also use it to make video clips to market to services.

It is inexpensive and offered for an one-time charge. You obtain lots of perks and upgrades too when you buy the software program.

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Doodle Maker In Depth Tutorial

So starting with couple of features that it has. So it can help you create colorful videos, like I said, so it has a lot of assets inside it has a lot of templates inside that can help you just make a video by itself without doing much work, you can basically decide what context you want a video in and it will give you options on templates and stuff. So and also you can export all the videos that you make in density, Bina all couple of features that you can see here. So one beautiful part that I will agree that they have is like one click language translate translation. So if you have a certain video that you already have made a backpack time in the past, and then you want to change the language of it. So they have the AI the artificial intelligence behind the software that can really understand what’s going on. And then it’ll convert the language to a new one. And that’s that’s required for a couple of unit production videos also where you are producing a video for a certain language, but you want to market it in other other countries also with different languages. So what you can do then is you can use doodle maker to create an in different languages and promoted like that. So it comes handy when it comes to you know, doing little bit of those quick, creative things. Along with that, you get a whole long library of the of music. So you can basically you don’t have to buy music separately, you can just use what they have inside. So it’s basically an all in all package for you to create doodle video. So we’re not about the other features that you see here. I’m going to talk about each one of those when we get to the details of making a doodle. So another thing I do want to mention is who does this application serve? Now what kind of audience does this so there are, there’s a long list to be honest, now, if you are a salesperson want to create leads, video is the way to go. Now, if you are able to create interesting videos like like a doodle one, it’s probably better. Right? So So yeah, I mean, it’s basically if you’re a salesperson, a branding person, or you’re running an e commerce business, or even if you are a teacher, right nowadays, education is happening all online, and even teachers, it would be good for teachers to know that you know how you can create interesting videos. So instead of just those simple webinars, everybody’s studying through webinars nowadays, right? Now, again, I mean, it will get fine, it will get better, hopefully very soon. But for now, I mean, that’s still a skill that is needed the hour and all of us willing to create videos for whatever business we are in. So in that sense, I think every business does require to create videos now if you do have to doodle maker or otherwise, that’s that’s a choice that you can make based on if this solves your purpose, right. So that’s one and then there are three kind of videos that you can create with this of the like, you can have a whiteboard video, you can have a blackboard video and or you can have a blackboard video. Now this is just an option of what can be the background of your video. Now, like there are other options, but this one is like three different kinds. So whichever suits you, you can use it like that. Now another one is I keep mentioning about artificial intelligence, right, or they market their product, their software to be an artificial intelligence software, which uses AI in the backend. So what that basically means is, I’ll give you an example to explain that. So say you always you write a script on what video you want to create. So say you write Hey, my name is john, that’s, that’s the statement that you write. So what AI is going to do for you is it will collect it will check the words that you written in the script, for example, hello. So it will collect hello and bring you
a corrector which was which is like waving and saying hello, right. So I mean even otherwise, that’s what you’re going to do, if you want to do videos of Hi, my name is john, you’re going to bring it but bring in a character who will be waving like that and then that’s all you would do otherwise. So what this tool does is it will basically collect all those words and then give you a suggestion that this is what they think can be your video so so that reduces a lot of work. Now it is it works accurate in some cases in some cases it doesn’t because again AI is is it learns from the system so so it will probably get better by time but for now also it’s usable. But again, I won’t call it like it will do you just write the script and it will create 100% amazing video for you. Maybe in some cases you will have to do a little bit of tweaking here and there. So that’s about the language once you create that by the way so the the video that it will create. You can also have it exported in different languages because they have AI in the back end. They can use that you don’t that script into turning, turning into different languages PDFs, you know, I think they got a list of 60 different countries.
thing here. So 60 to 60 languages on the flyer is what you can convert your videos to that’s a lot to be honest, that covers almost all. So that was about the AI. Now how does this software work? Now it’s based on cloud, what that means is, you do not need any high performing system to run the software, even if you are running it on a basic tablet, it will work fine. If you’re running on a very, very normal laptop, it will work fine. Usually, video editing is a very resource intensive task, right? Because it uses a lot of processing and also your RAM and all of that. So it gets really slow if you have a simple computer. So usually the editors, they have very expensive devices if you’ve ever heard, right, so in this one, because it’s made for all the regular users like who are fresh users who are not really editors as such. So all the unit performing capacity, all the processing happens in the cloud, so you’d not need a high performing system. So that’s that’s about the cloud based system that they have. Plus, you can create any number of videos that you want. Usually these kind of software they have limitation on how many can you create. Now this one gives you the liberty of how many you want, which, or whatever number of videos you want to create, or you have a capacity of last but not the least, they give you an enterprise license along with the license that you will buy for the software. So where does that benefit you is if you want to use or, you know, you want to sell these videos, be it on Fiverr or anywhere else, where people are coming in buying videos. I mean, there are people who pay 100 $100 or $200 for a video that you can create, like in just minutes and doodle make or any software such in this one, it gets a little bit easier. Plus the other software that I mentioned, like the, you know, explained to you or there are so many other you know, animation tools, which will not give you enterprise rights for you to sell those videos because they have assets in there, they have videos, they have, you know characters, they have pictures that they have bought from somebody to license it to only the person they are sending a license to, which is say you are buying it right. But these guys they give it to you, even if you want to sell it outside, which is a very big plus. Now with that, it’s time to show you the app itself. Now if you go to their main site where you want to log in, this is the page that actually will be shown and then you put in your email, email address and password and sign in. So I’ll do that as well. This is the welcome base that you will see there’s a welcome message from the, from the developers and then some more messaging and how you can watch this video for direction. But then again, if you watch my video, you won’t really need that because I’m anyways going to show you like what all this interface this interface has. So on the left hand side of the interface, you have all these menus, there’s home which is where we are right now projects will have all the different projects that you ever worked on. So anything that you ever did is going to be here in your projects. Then my purchases Basically, there are various kinds of licenses that you can buy for doodle maker. For me, I have a doodle maker commercial license, and I upgraded I added one more, which was the doodle maker, I think de luxe. Yeah, so so these are the two that I have, if you buy more, you can have more like for the basic stuff that we’re going to talk in this video, most of that you can do with a basic license. Now if you want to just experiment a bit, like I like to do with a couple of things, so so I remember the doodle maker Deluxe, I bought, because of the tunes tune videos that you can do with that so so for you, if you don’t need that you want, you don’t really have to buy that one. So that’s what my purchases has. And then white label is something
which can basically let you you know, name the software as your own. So there are, you know, marketing agencies which use, you know, any any software like this, and then they branded with their own name and call it to be their own, and then usually the jars. So they if they say example are paying a subscription or $100 to doodle maker, they are gonna do their customers, they’re gonna charge like $500 something like that. So that’s a business model which a lot of you know marketing agencies practice. So if you are one of those, this is a place for you. So then after that is Deluxe plan that I bought, if you did not buy you won’t see this portion, then tune videos, like I said, is another interesting part if you if you want to play with so this one is again another developer who did the doodle maker and he’s in this video he’s walking you through like how you can make tune videos. Alright, so yeah, similarly some more areas in here now one portion that I still do want to touch upon is the learning material that they have is like very streamlined and very well surfaced. You won’t be really confused if you want to go through the learning part of from zero to to the bare to being the best at this tool, you can really just follow this path. Now I also plan to make a detailed video or detailed tutorial about doodle maker in this one I’m talking at a high level still
I’m going to link it up here, when I’m done with that. But for now, you can follow this as well. So yeah, I mean, that’s on the menu bar. Now after that, what else do you have, as they have these buttons here, you can hide the the menu bar, because if you are working, you just want to focus on that you can hide it out, or there’s an even better way, you can just go fullscreen and then rest, everything will just disappear, and you are in your working mode in the app. Alright, coming back to the home. And then let me just show you how you can create a project for yourself. So you click on Create Project, there are three kinds that you can do. So the first one is using the templates that they have. So doodle maker has around 300 plus templates, I guess, and each one caters to a specific purpose specific and a customer that you have, or maybe you’re using it for your own. So I’m going to give you an example of of this one, I think I can give you an example of scratch also. So So yeah, I mean, that’s number one, then step number two is you can build something from scratch, you can just have a clean slate for yourself, you have some ideas that you want to put together. And, and say example like the basis that you should have when you are trying to make a doodle video is have a script, have an idea on what do you want to create right on that, but also actually doodle maker can help you in the third phase, which is in third kind, which is the AI video translation engine. So if you just use to extract that YouTube video that you want to just create a version of that YouTube video into a doodle video, you can use this engine to create that I’m going to show you a little bit of that too. So yeah, these are the three kinds that you can use, I’m going to start with showing you, let’s create a new project in in the template section. So I’ll click on this. And let’s just search for so obviously, here you have all of these other, you know, different templates that you can select, there’s a white board templates, there’s glass boards that you can select, there’s Blackboard, so all of these options, and you can also you know, filter down, if you want your product to be promoted as a female with a female voice, you can select that, I mean, otherwise, you’d still have have those options in here. Alright, so that’s, that’s one thing. And then, like you see him you know, and all the templates you have, you have like what different you know, industries that you want to create a video for. So example, you want to create one for AC installation, air conditioner, installation, so you want to do, you can just add your logo, or you can add your customers logo. And then you know, there’s a standard script that’s already, you know, spoken by some professional artists, professional voiceover artists, so you have literally everything already in there. So all you have to do is just change your logo or maybe a little bit of air and that you want to play around with the weather video. Otherwise mean it’s all in there. Right. So similarly, just like that, there are others. One that I, I think I’ve seen before is the car. And that was quite interesting.
Car Rental is it here.
Alright, so let me just show you the one that I’ve seen that I know what it is about. So this one is about a car rental advertisement spoken by a meal, obviously, you have an option to choose for a female as well. Now here, you have few buttons. So you can you can watch this video, we can preview the video it will play for you.
So yeah, I mean, it’s basically you can change all of the text, I’m going to show you how you can do that I will not play the video in hold for now, you can view that. And then if you want to edit this, let’s just click on choose and it’ll start it’ll bring you to the pane where you can edit all of these. So so basically the script, also they have in there. If you can see here, like if you are you looking for a local, reliable, affordable car rental company. So if you’re a creative video for car rental company, you are almost done right, you just have to update the logo or a couple more things if you want to. Alright, so how you can basically do that in a couple of other things. So here’s the text, if you want to change the text, you can just click on edit text and change it here. And few more options. So here obviously there is a, there’s a there’s a there’s an audio, that’s all that’s already in there. And then you can also choose a TTS voice that’s text to speech transfer translation. So here you can choose a lot of different voices that you that you have an option for I think there’s accents also, there’s different, you know, English in the different accents of English, right? So that’s quite interesting. I mean, it works very natural, to be honest. I’ve tried a few of these and it’s very natural. So it’s not just like a robot speaking of up there, it’s very natural. Okay, so But for now, I think I’m just gonna keep it to do the recorded voice.
Oh, yeah. So that’s another option by the way. So you can you can click on record your voice and
Then your record by yourself. So this has an inbuilt feature and it will allow you to record through the app itself. And for the rest of the things you can, you can change the things from so for example, you want to add a text, you click in here, you want to change your hands, or basically there will be hands that which will come into the, to the video drawing things for you. So you can change whichever you want to select. All right. So again, on the background, you want to play some soundtracks, there are some inbuilt tracks that are freely licensed, that are licensed for you. So you don’t have to worry about about, you know, licensing them for even yourself or the customer. So that’s, that’s on the soundtrack background. Also, you can change now on the main watermark, like I said, the logo, if you change the watermark, it’s going to show up on each one of the slides. So here like you see, this, the six lights delivering the message in this video is divided into six lights, you can add or subtract more slides or even reduce these if you wish to. So yeah, that’s pretty much how it looks. And the video is quite okay. I mean, you can play when you when you try this, but okay, or let me just show you one. So click on preview,
it will do some, you know, ai in the background, and then after that, it will produce the video for you. At times it takes a bit of time, because because it’s processing everything in the background, let’s just have a look how this works.
So this was the first slide, right? If I play another slide for you, it’s similar with a different message, it’ll process that and then show you that slide.
Okay, so you come to the right place, where you see the audio is also quite amazing.
Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. So yeah, that’s how I mean, that’s how you can play all the slides, edit them the way you want. All right, that was about using the template. Now I also want to show you like how you can build something from scratch. That is the second option in here. So here How it works is you can just type in, you know the name that you want to give to your project, say test. Three, for now, I’m just testing so doesn’t really matter.
So if you have a voiceover file, you can, you can upload that here. If not, you can just you know, stop editing or adding slides, say my name is john.
Say that’s, that’s my first slide, I just want to add a new one. After the after the slide says that, then I won’t call it I am video editor.
All right.
And then say, mean, I’m just coming up with something you you for sure can have something more creative. So mean say that can be I can help you create
videos. Alright. So basically now How it works is once you have your script ready, you can select whatever background voice you want to have, or there’s a text to speech that you want to you know, in a different language or a same language, whichever you want, you can convert it to so I can type you can decide this is well then the background you want black, white or black background,
you have so many options like hands on, so you can really select. So once you’re done with that you just gonna save and then it will produce a video for you.
Alright, so that was about start from scratch, you can do that. And then the third one here,
click on this. So what this does is, so this is something really interesting. So here you can just, you know, bring a video from YouTube, and it will create the doodle maker will create a video for you with using their icons or you know, graphics, which will literally be like a unique video, it won’t be it won’t be a copy of it. So like for example, I have one of this video that I just not checked. So this video is an amazon video, I’m just gonna test it for now. I mean, you might not want to use this but I just want to show you like how this works. So what it’s going to do is this is really intelligent. So what it’s going to do is it’s extracting like what the what what they are speaking in the video and then it will help you create slides based on that video, which is really interesting. So if you see now it has extracted all the text on what somebody someone is speaking here, the video is technically ready for you to upload anywhere. So you can just name give this a name and then save that so you’re done with the video. It’s as simple as that. Yeah, so that was about the third option in here. And that pretty much I mean on a high level, this is what all you can achieve. You can do a doodle maker, like I said, I will do a detailed video of this of the tutorial on how what all you can achieve with this and I will link it up here.
But for now you can follow the, the training material that they have, or is that was pretty much about the tool itself. Now, getting to what all you can achieve with this, it’s a long, long list, just to recap of all that you can do, you can record your voice you can do I can see, you know, you can find icons, you can do text to speech, it’s a long, long list of all you can do. So it’s a good value for money is what my feedback is. But then again, like on the AI front, I guess it’s still evolving, it’s not the best, you know, ai to AI technology that they are using, probably, again, it’s it’s new in that front, but it does the job for for to start with. Alright, so a couple more features, like you can publish your videos directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or, I mean, there’s so many other things that you can do, you know, like, you can even like, do a live preview of what you are doing in the video. So mostly, you know, doing video editing, you always have the struggle of, you know, processing in your, in your computer, you always need a very high processing system. So this one you don’t really need as you need anything such everything is just there on the cloud. So you are covered in that front. Alright, so let me not talk about each of these. It’s a long list, but then you can have a look later if you wish. All right. So this is another plus that I did mention, you do get a commercial license. So what what that means is you can create videos, you can sell them wherever you wish to, you know, fiber, or whatever different channels that you have to sell the videos to mean, you can be a local promoter that you want to make customers will come to you they want to create videos for their promotions, or I mean videos is everywhere right now. Right? Every business needs them. So if you are able to tap into that, through whichever means you do have a channel, you do have a means to create them very easily. So yeah, that’s covered as well. Now, if you buy it through the link in the description, these are the few things that you’re going to get which you otherwise you will not. So what these are basically is royalty free images library. So this is an additional image library, which comes with a lifetime access, buying any regular, you know, email, email subscription, online, you’re gonna pay easily eight to $10 a month, this one is lifetime and you’re not really paying for it, you’re getting it for free. All right. Similarly, for a music library, you have a lot of options of choosing a background music, because we used to make them impressive. You read a video can hear mine? Yeah, that’s from there as well. So yeah, I mean, so that’s one and then you have commercial license, like I said, you won’t have to pay for this. Otherwise, if you buy just on the website or through some other, you know, source, you’re gonna pay for the commercial license, but if you buy through the link in the description, you’re gonna get this for free. All right, and then yeah, you can do unlimited renders, that’s another thing. All right. So that’s about the link in the description. Now, there are two versions that you can buy, there’s a commercial license, and then there’s an enterprise license. So commercial license gives you most of the stuff that you might require to do your videos. And I guess that’s, that’s the one that I will recommend to most of you guys. But then again, I mean, if you wish to, you can, you can have the other one, but for now, this there’s a promotion that the enterprise licenses only $1 more, so it’s going to cost you $47 Otherwise, this one’s going to be easily 100 and few dollars 100 and something I think $120 later, but for now it’s costing you the same as a commercial license so you can for sure have an enterprise license for yourself. So what this gives you is couple more things you can create long videos 15 minutes long video, I think that’s pretty much that’s the highest that I will advise you go to being a video creator i think that’s that’s the right amount of length, which will serve YouTube well which will serve your audience well. So it’s a good good experience and such. Alright, so that’s the other two options that you can choose from pretty much. The story about doodle maker, I hope this was helpful.

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