Chatterpal Review 2021 With In Depth Tutorial And Pricing

Chatterpal Video Review

Chatterpal Review: Chatting is an approach lots of marketing professionals as well as services online select to obtain conversions. Actually, it works for campaigns when they can call straight to consumers. Nevertheless, just how to transform from visitors to paid-buyers, it requires us a time period and also if we can do nothing, we can not shed possible customers.

Today, in my ChatterPal Review, I want to introduce you a product called ChatterPal. It does not educate us exactly how to work but benefit us. It brings causes blogs, websites, as well as landing pages, etc. I have experienced it for 2 months as well as obtain amazing outcomes. So, I share you and hope you can have the most effective solution for company.


Super-easy to use With our ultra-intuitive user interface and also pre-written chat circulation templates, you’ll have your very first 3D character conversation representative up and running on your website within minutes.
Easy to set up Just paste in a snippet of code on your site, or utilize our live-link technology to instantaneously include ChatterPal to Any site you desire. Boom. Done.
Establish a representative for every single department Have one conversation representative handle sales, while another manages assistance issues, and so on. ChatterPal can manage basically any kind of on-site job you require.
Cutting edge modern technology Using the most recent advancements in AI, 3D computer animation, text-to-speech, and also instantaneous translation. Nothing else app on the marketplace comes close– at any cost.
Maximum international reach Targeting details markets or languages? ChatterPal allows you engage with visitors as well as clients in Any kind of language with simply one click.
Higher communication and also lower bounce price assured. Chatterpal enhances interaction with site visitors. That suggests even more involvement and also sales.


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Functions flawlessly on any kind of gadget Gain access to your ChatterPal protected dashboard by means of any type of internet browser. It’s hosted on Google’s cloud no software application setup or downloads called for.
One-Click Logo Design Mapping Currently you can brand name your 3D avatar chat agents with your company brand or logo. It also moves and flexes with the character’s movements, for a more life-like result than ever.
Onboard Split Second Language Translation Your can convert any kind of chat flow into any type of language with simply a click. Perfect for setting up custom-tailored chat representatives for individual countries/languages.
Next-Generation Text-To-Speech Technology Now sustaining over 55 life-like voices in 25 languages. This is the same innovative voice modern technology that powers Amazon Alexa and also Google Residence.
Smart Analytics Engine By utilizing the power of AI, you can get real-time feedback on what’s working as well as not functioning. The system will instantly readjust the chat streams to improve outcomes as you go. You additionally obtain in-depth analytics on conversions, geo-location, interaction time and also even more.
Revolutionary Live-Link Innovation Place a ChatterPal agent on ANY site (also the ones you don’t very own), and utilize that material to get leads as well as also associate sales. A terrific method to get leads, customers and revenue, even if you don’t have a website of your own. Wonderful means to demo your chat service to your customers on their web site prior to you make the sale.
43 Life-Like 3D-Animated Avatar Characters Extremely reasonable (male and female) as well as even animal avatars that you can utilize engage with your visitors with Text-to-speech or any type of voiceover. 3D characters like these can conveniently set you back thousands of dollars to produce.
Pre-made Conversation Flow Themes As Well As Easy Personalization.
Personalized 3D Conversation Agent. You can set up a fully-personalized chat representative that’s just right for you as well as your brand name. Your 3D-avatar or human chat representative will certainly always be available to supply real-time discussion as well as support with your visitors.

Chatterpal Review

ChatterPal Review – What is it?

ChatterPal is the brand-new technology created for companies online to boost leads and sales. It is the mix of the innovative Interactive 3D Avatar technology and the AI backed Smart Chat Automation. It is not like the other conversation apps out there since you can include ChatterPal to any internet sites also which you do not possess.

ChatterPal Testimonial The Writer Paul Ponna

Paul Ponna is a popular associate online marketer as well as also a top product creator. He has established numerous seven-figure software program launches on numerous systems. You can refer them from the net.

Sid Diwar is an expert technology entrepreneur and also a software program programmer. Recently, he has been working as a marketing consultant in Canada. He has many marketing campaigns layouts and also product concepts for several million dollar launches.

ChatterPaul is the outcome of both talented marketing professionals. They have invested much time to develop it. By the experience they have, we can trust to utilize this product.

ChatterPal Features

ChatterPal has the special features that you can not locate them readily available anywhere else.

1-Click Logo Design Mapping: Brand name the 3D avatars with your logo designs as well as photos that immediately adjust to the movements of the avatar


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Next-Gen Text-To-Speech: New and enhanced text-to-speech engine that brings 100+ life-like voices in 25 languages. The premium new TTS voices are the same ones that power Amazon Alexa and Google House
Variety Of Interactive 3D Characters: There are male, female and animal 3D characters. Avatars can be found in any age teams, backgrounds and ethnic backgrounds for large charm.
CLEVER A.I Chat Automation: The wise AI backed conversation engine engages with customers without human involvement or support agents.
Done-For-You Chat Templates: Activate chat templates to improve conversions
Email/ Data Auto-Capture Innovation: Gather visitor emails, names, as well as any type of information, after that store it nicely into a CSV.
Smart Analytics Engine: Obtain real-time feedback and also extensive analytics in mins
Revolutionary Live-Link Technology: Location ChatterPals on any type of 3rd celebration site
Integrated Language Translation (Go Worldwide): Transform chat right into any kind of language
My Experience In Operation It and also Exactly How Does It Work?
I utilized this product as beta tester so today I’m going to make this straightforward testimonial for you.

So you can rely on everything inside my testimonial today.

Note1: Before discussing some major ChatterPal functions, I’m going to supply you an overview about this product.

Chatterpal Logo


Run an e-commerce shop. Usage ChatterPal character to involve with site visitors and also ask sales-oriented inquiries.
Help overview them to what they’re trying to find on your store, and after that with the acquiring process to finish the sale.
If your customers stop throughout the checkout process for any type of factor, your conversation representative can instantly sign in to see if they have any type of inquiries or require even more details, etc.– minimizing cart desertions.
You can additionally provide tailored immediate discounts to possible customers to get them “off the fence” to complete an useful sale, therefore much more And obviously, you can conveniently develop a customer checklist from site visitors that are simply browsing your store, so you can get them back later through e-mail.
you can make use of ChatterPal to welcome visitors to make an appointment, order for delivery/takeout and even book a huge party.
The possibilities are just limitless. small company– assistance. Affiliate or social media marketing expert.
With our Live-link innovation, you can make use of ChatterPal to showcase trendy content on other web sites for your benefit.
Obtain a lot more conversions quicker, so you can enhance sales as well as income– with less advertising/retargeting cost.
Use ChatterPal to communicate with your sales web page visitors. Ask questions, after that guide your informal site visitors with the procedure of completing the acquisition.
You can additionally offer them an incentive to get them on your list. So you can follow-up later with e-mails to shut the sale and/or advertise various other relevant deals.
You get a business license, you can use ChatterPal as a costs service to your business customers for a repeating monthly charge.
Use ChatterPal to supply cool price cuts, advertise timely specials, provide rewards, and also even more to your site visitors and customers.
Usage ChatterPal to automatically take consultations via your web site conserving you as well as your team job as well as time on the phone.
An awesome collection of aspects and also eye-catching emoticons to use in your chat moves: Make use of fun emojis mix emotions and get hold of attention.
Transform Any Kind Of Green Display Video Into An Interactive Human Chat Agent: Import Any type of “green display” or human agent video clip as well as quickly turn it into an interactive ChatterPal with transparent history in mins.
Limitless cloud hosting: Release endless ChatterPals on Google’s well-founded cloud network that prepares to serve Limitless website traffic and also supply sales much faster than in the past. There are absolutely no compromises.

Chatterpal Instant Access


Does ChatterPal service Mobile Phones? Yes. ChatterPal works on all computers, mobile phones as well as wise tools (IOS as well as Android). This implies the chat agents will boost your profits with little or no initiative on your component.
You Say “Limitless Use” What’s The Catch? There is no catch. You can utilize ChatterPal to produce as numerous chat agents as you want, as usually as you desire, for any type of variety of websites. Business Certificate is included, so you care produce conversation agents for clients. No limits.Can I Use ChatterPal.
If I Don’t Have An Internet site? Utilizing ChatterPal live-link technology you can add ChatterPal to Any type of web site consisting of the ones you do not own. You can advertise affiliate offers as well as add it to any type of site in secs to take advantage of their content as well as earnings.
What Makes ChatterPal Better Than Various Other Apps? ChatterPal comes loaded with sector leading functions that are not offered in any other app. This consists of wise conversation automation, interactive 3D avatars, award winning text-to-speech, one-click translation, logo design mapping and a whole lot more. You get all this for a jaw dropping reduced single rate that features Business License & Unlimited site permit.
Is Step-By-Step Training Consisted Of? Yes– ChatterPal includes detailed video training strolling you via the whole process right from creating your ChatterPals to obtaining results. (of course, this likewise includes exactly how to offer your ChatterPals for top dollar.


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ChatterPal In Depth Tutorial

During this review, I’m going to give you a full demo live demo of exactly how this works. And what is inside of chatter, pal. Now in a nutshell, chatter pal is going to enable you to put these cool little icons on any of your pages, or any of your e commerce stores or any of your offers, and it’s going to boost your engagement is going to boost your sales. And it’s going to help you in your business. So that’s basically what it does is pretty simple. It also includes this chat function on here, which you can use, it automatically translates to any language, which you which your customers are calling from, as you can see, is translated my chat into Indonesian because I’m in Indonesia at the moment, I’m in Jakarta. And it’s pretty cool. So that’s what it is. That’s what it does. If it sounds like something that is of interest to you, then stick with me during this reviews, I’ll be breaking it down and showing you exactly how to set this up on how to use it. I’ve also put together a ton of custom bonuses for those of you who like to pick up chatter pal via my link, which is down below in the description of this YouTube video. If you click on that link, it’s going to bring you through to my bonus page right here. This is where I host all of my bonuses for chatter pal if you’d like to buy chatter pal at any time during this video, all you need to do first of all is click on the link down below in the description of this YouTube video. Come through to my bonus page, you may already be on this bonus page. If you come through from my email. That’s cool. And all you need to do to buy chatter pal at any time during this video is come to this page, scroll down click on any of these golden buttons that will take you through to the sales page, which is going to look something like this where you can go ahead and you can purchase chatter pal but you need to do that before the countdown timer on my bonus page hits zero when it hits zero, then my bonus page, my bonus page will disappear. And so all of my bonuses, that is something that I really don’t want you to miss out on, because I spent a long time creating these bonuses so that you can get the best out of chatter pal as possible. Now all these bonuses have been created by myself. That means they’re exclusive to me, they’re not going to be available through anybody else’s link apart from mine, with that shared with that shed.
With that said, feel free to shop around, see what other affiliates are offering in terms of bonuses for chatter pal, because remember, you can always return to this page via this video once you’ve realized that my bonus is way better and more useful than what anybody else is offering you for this. So my first bonus right here, I’m going to show you how you can build your custom squeeze page using chatter PAL and I even include a template for you. Now, this is big, okay, because what I’m allowing you to do here is to take advantage of my 17 free training videos that I’ve made. Now, all of these videos are going to, they’re going to tell your customers to opt in to the email list via the form on this page, which I’m also allowing you to use. So basically, I’m giving you the rights to use all of my training videos here to build up your email list. Now I’ve also added chatter pal onto this page, and I’ve custom designed it to get people to opt in here so that you can build your email list with chatter pal, right, this is really, really cool. This is a page that I made around last year and I’ve probably gained around eight or 9000 subscribers just from this page alone. And you can use this page this exact page to bring subscribers onto your email list from all of this free content right now I’m giving you access to this is the bonus right here that I’m giving you access to so I’ve made a video showing you how to integrate this with your autoresponder. Okay, so these these these new subscribers are going to go through onto your email list and also giving you the template for this exact page which already has chatter pal embedded on it Okay, so you all you need to do is just go through this training and then use my template and boom, you’ve got yourself a high converting lead magnet that is going to pull in new subscribers to your email list like wildfire, okay, as it has done for me, right. I’ve never allowed anybody else to use this. I’ve never given the rights to anybody else to use this page. But I am doing inside of this first bonus. So that’s what you’re going to get. That’s my mega bonus. I know this is going to help you out. bonus number two, I’m going to show you how you can get traffic to your chatter pal squeeze page. So the page that I’m giving you access to I’m going to show you how you can drive traffic to this page so you can build up your list using chatter pal. Okay, bonus number three, I’m going to give you access to my guide for five and now. You can go ahead if you have you have the commercial license to sell chatter pal as your own. Sorry, you have the commercial license to install chatter pal on other people’s sites. And this is a big way that you can make money from chatter pal. Now, if you’re anything like me, you’ll buy into a software because you know that you can make money from it now selling this as a service on Fiverr is something is a way that you can make some really good money from this app. But first, you need to know how to set up your gigs on Fiverr correctly how to get into the top of the first page on Fiverr. So you can be seen and basically how to get everything set up so you can make some money, really easy money on Fiverr. So bonus number three, I’m going to give you access to my guide for Fiverr and I’m going to show you how to set everything up correctly. bonus number four, I’m going to give you my branding secrets part one and part two. Now. Part one is around 30 minutes long, part two is around 25 minutes long. I’m going to go into detail about branding yourself. Now if you’re going to be using my template here, what happens after people opt into your email list, this is where all the branding is going to take place for you. Okay, so I’m going to show you how to do that. And what’s going to make people want to be buying out of your out of the palm of your hand. Okay, using these secrets. bonus number five I’m gonna give you access to all the bonuses the vendors given to me to give to you. Now I don’t really know what these bonuses are. But I do know that most of their affiliates are only going to be offering you these bonuses alone. As you can see, I put a lot of work into offering you four of my own custom bonuses, which you will receive as well but just to make sure that you’re not going to miss out if you do choose to buy via my link because you wanted these vendor bonuses. I’m going to throw these vendor bonuses in as well. Okay, these are going to include artificial intelligence Logo Creator. Okay, feel free to pause video if you want to read through the description here. 80,000 content engine library chatter pal agency website. This is really cool because this is something that’s going to allow you to be able to sell this as the agency for Fiverr. Okay, bonus number four from the vendors campaign Cloner software, commercial license 20 call to action, professional voiceovers this is pretty cool. So you can get that as well.
10 done for you Call to Action sales scripts. Okay, awesome. For extra premium bonus avatars, this is a special bonus right here, you’re going to get access to these special avatars as well. Okay, and those are the bonuses from the vendor. So to claim all of these bonuses, all these vendor bonuses and all of my custom bonuses, completely free of charge 100% free of charge and instantly delivered to you. All you need to do first of all, if you’re watching on YouTube, click on the link down below in the description. Come through to my bonus page. If you’re on here for my email that’s called just simply scroll down click on any of these golden buttons. That’s going to take you through to the sales page which looks like this, we can go ahead and purchase chatter pal now as soon as you’ve done that, and you’ve gone through Checkout, you’d simply need to go to your jvzoo account. Okay, in the top right hand side of your jvzoo account, you’re going to see a link that says looking for your purchases, click on there. Click on chatter PAL and you’ll come through to a receipt that looks something like this. Okay, now in the bottom of their receipt page, you’ll find a blue button that says bonuses from Jonno. Okay, that’s where all of these vendor bonuses, and all of my custom bonuses are going to be waiting for you 100% free of charge as soon as you go on through checkout. Okay, so if you click on any of these golden buttons, you’ll come through to this sales page here leverage, futuristic artificial intelligence technology to skyrocket your sales and leads guaranteed rapidly grow and scale your business using next generation smart chat automation and lifelike 3d animation. Convert ordinary websites, blogs and funnels into smart sales machines, engage and captivate attention with interactive 3d avatars and award winning text to speech. Ultimate leads and sales without opt in forms and landing pages, create unlimited chatter pulse for yourself or sell to clients using commercial license and this is included as well, it’s going to allow you to sell this as a service on Fiverr, which is a great way to make some money, right. So this is a sales page here is rather lengthy. I’m not going to go through the whole sales page with you, you can come and check this out in your own time as demo videos on here. There’s a ton of information that you need to read through before you choose to buy this. This is going to be live as of 10am I believe, let me just double check. This is going to be live as of Sorry, just checking for you. I don’t want to get this wrong. Did the 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Okay today, which is the 28th of January is going to be live at 3pm. Eastern Standard Time. So you’ll need to come back here and click on any of my golden buttons on my bonus page to come through to the sales page as of 3pm, Eastern Standard Time, not before. If you click on it before that you won’t be able to see the sales page. So make sure you come back here after 3pm eastern standard time right. I’m going to jump into the dashboard now and show you how this works. So it’s pretty simple. You just click on new campaign. You’re going to you can either choose chat and Avatar or avatar owner I’m going to choose chat and Avatar. And then here is where you can choose from your particular avatar, there’s loads to choose from, you can have this distant avatar, you can have a closer avatar of each of these people. Okay, you can see we’ve got all different shapes and sizes and colors of different people old and old and young.
And some of these are even tailor made for for example, like e commerce stores or you know, this could be like a lady’s fashion kind of store. You could have this this lady coming on there, Logan, maybe for some young dudes. Okay, you got Logan with a red hat. It looks a bit Turkish there with a turban on. You got some delivery site dudes on here. And you got these super, super jack and super Jill. Alright, we’ve also got some, some all I don’t know if this is a man or a woman, I guess it could be either. And we got some politically correct ones on here as well. You can even use these 3d ones, we’ve got builders, we’ve got all these other there’s tons to choose from basically. And if you if you bought video robot, you probably recognize some of these characters as they were used on that lunch as well. So you got this fitness lady, we got Lisa on here with the hot pans. We got this chef dude, Pierre, if you’ve got like a restaurant or something like that, we’ve even got animals that you can choose from all of these different animals as well. If you’ve got like a like a Thai star, or you just kind of having some fun, you want to keep things neutral. And you can even green screen yourself by uploading your own file, which has been recorded with a green screen background which you can use to play. And this will show up on your pages as well, which will be you Okay, so you can choose any of these avatars if you don’t want to use your own cell phone, or you can use a green screen. So choose one of these avatars. I’m just going to go with Brody here. gonna click on Next. And then here is where we we sought out all the voice stuff. So you can choose text to speech, right? You can record your own voice if you want to do that. Or you can upload your own audio or an audio that you’ve had made especially for you from somebody from Fiverr. Maybe they’ve done a professional voiceover for you. But for Texas speech is pretty simple. I’m just going to go with Australian English. I’m going to go with Russell. You can see the demo here. Hopefully you were able to hear this.
Hello, my name is Russell. You can pick me as your text to speech human life voice engine for your video avatar.
Strewth. Okay, so got Russell there you can choose Mason.
Hello, my name is Mason. You can pick me as your text sounds a
bit younger we got jack. Hello, my name is jack. You can pick me as your text to speech you is a real bargain that dude. Okay, now some of these are only available in the upsells. Okay, and I’ll talk to you about the upsells later on. But we’ll just go in Russell for the moment. Now here you can either type in your own text to speech. So hi, my name is john. Oh, nice to meet you. And then you can import that you can write as much as you like, and you can play it here.
Hi, my name is john. Oh, nice to meet
you. Sounds a bit Robocop. But if you want to upload your own audios you can do if you don’t want to use this robotic voice. You can also change the speed here. Let’s see what it sounds like two times, see what sounds like a two time speed.
Hi, my name is john. Nice to meet you. Again, nice to meet you.
You can change the pitch as well. So you can import that and he’s going to be like
Nice to meet you.
Sounds a bit tense. And you can even choose from these ready made scripts that these guys have made for you. So seven reasons to join alarm alarm installation company bakery, bakery, Bankruptcy Lawyer car dealer catering, childcare. And there’s tons to choose from in here. So we go with plumber. You can see the script is all laid out here. Let’s just go with a super slow voice. Slip a super low pitch and see what that sounds like.
You if you’re looking for a reliable, professional and affordable plumber,
okay, I think you get the idea. So you can have some fun with that. Once you’ve chosen the right person. You can even like you can even translate this into Portuguese, right? You can import that speech into Portuguese.
If you’re evil king.
Okay, it doesn’t sound too good with this in like minus, but you could give him like a Portuguese accent. You can also translate it. So let’s try that again.
CBC stat procurando bu in Canada comfy answer.
Any language Okay, well, I don’t know about any language but all of the major languages you sego, Canadian French Castilian Spanish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic Indian English. That’ll be fun. Let’s try that. Voice not available on lucky. Unlucky. Okay, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, US English, US Spanish, Welsh and Welsh English he got all of her welding This is gonna be funny too.
Hello, my name is Gareth, you can pick me as your text to speech human likewise engine for your video avatar.
I think it sounds a bit more scouse than Welsh. But anyway, you can choose you can have fun with that, I’m going to move on to the next one. Okay, and this is where we choose the custom colors for our chat area here. And, yes, so if your site if your site uses a different kind of color scheme, you can kind of mix and match here to choose the right color scheme for you. You can also choose custom colors if you want to completely customize this. And then for the avatar, you can go ahead and you can choose your own picture, just go and grab my picture here. Let’s use that one. And even Okay, if you upload your own logo, this logo is going to show on this person’s shared. So if I go and grab one from my downloads, and I gone unless he’s given the YouTube logo, right, can see this is going to show up on his shirt. And like there’s a few other avatars of people like holding books or bags or boxes, and this logo or your logo will show up on those, which is pretty cool. So once you’re happy with that, we go on to the next bit, which is where we customize the actual chat. So you can go and customize it yourself. Or you can use ready made chats that these guys have already made for you. So booking an appointment, customer acquisition, advanced customer acquisition, and there’s tons of pre made scripts for you to choose from customer support. Here, I’m just going to go with customer acquisition, I’m going to click on Load, you can see it’s made this whole script for us to use on our site, this is the basic one. Okay, and if we want to go ahead and customize any of that, all we need to do is just customize it in here to say whatever we want it to say, we can add URLs in here, if you want URLs to come up at a certain point in this chat. You can add pictures, videos, buttons, you know, loads of loads of customization that you can do with this, and you just click on Save. Okay, I haven’t. Okay, just gonna get rid of that. And click on Next, you can choose where you want this to appear on the page, the left, middle, right, how many pixels way you want it to be, you know, complete customization of this, start playback as muted attention grabber animation, and then just click on Next. And then you name your campaign, just going to put some space in there, you can even have an exit message when people try to exit out of your page is going to, it’s going to enable you to say, Hey, don’t leave it, something like that, and put emoticons in there or whatever. integrate this with APA. If you know what that does automatically translate text to the visitors language. That’s what I chose. When it showed up on my page it showed up in Indonesian, which is pretty cool. You can go ahead and you can make a Facebook post out of this automatically post this to your Facebook if you want. You can choose to have the branding or not, I think this part of the upsell. And then you can choose an instance site domain, if you want this to be hosted on one of their domains, or you can choose your own domain. If you want this to show on your own domain, you can just put that in there. And it will show up on your domain so you won’t have to use one of theirs. Once you’ve done that, you just click on Create campaign, save and create, boom, you’ve just done it. It’s that easy. Now this is one that this is one that I made before you can preview it, you can get the code, this is what you’re going to put onto your website, you just simply copy this code, you paste it into the footer, well, still inside the body text but in the footer of your website, and then it will automatically show it like it did on my page. Or if you just want the instance site URL, you can grab this, you can open this up into a new tab you can paste it in there. And this is going to show up like this, you see. Hi there.
Thanks for visiting my site. Feel free to opt into my email list via the form on this page to receive new tutorial videos for free. Okay, now
basically this is saying hi, john. Oh, welcome to john My name is john. Oh, what’s your name? So I’m going to say, john, oh, this is automatically going to start talking to me as well. He said it looks like I’m actually typing likes. It’s Facebook Messenger. So number demand. Great to meet you, john. Oh, Would you like to opt in to my email list? Yes. And then it’s going to type on, it’s going to give you the URL that you need to, it’s going to ask you for your email address, which is pretty cool. Great to get more conversions, better conversions, more sales. Having this kind of thing on your website is going to make you stand out over your competition Plus, you get the commercial license. So you can install this on other people’s sites via Fiverr and make some money from this and that’s the main thing. Okay, I’m going to talk to you about the price and the upsells. Now, everything that I just showed you inside of chatter pal is going to cost you $37 this is a one time fee, okay, it’s not a monthly it’s one time $37 and for this, you get the commercial license as well. upsell number one is called chatter pal Deluxe. This is going to give you the ability to unlock 13 additional 3d avatars immediately. It’s going to give you one new avatar each month for one year, no monthly or yearly fees attached to this. It’s gonna give you 15 additional advanced chat templates, animated emoticons pack, advanced multi thread chat branching, unlimited number of chat blocks, unlimited video hosting professional voiceovers from hot niches. That’s pretty cool. And VIP support. I do recommend that you get this upsell because it’s going to give you all of this additional stuff. And it’s going to open up the doors a lot more for you. upsell number two is chatter pal agency. This is $67. And this allows you to adjust the speed and text of this text to speech like I showed you. It gives you 25 additional chat templates from popular hot niches, you will you’re able to integrate this with Zapier so if you want to directly capture emails into the chat box that will allow you to do that. It’ll allow you to remove powered by chatter pal branding, or give you 25 green screen videos, the same nation chat templates, it’ll double 3d avatars, text to speech speaking length, fill in the blank client briefs and contracts. five additional license for your agency or team choice of unbranded generic instant URL domains to show previews to clients which is pretty cool. If you want to be selling this on Fiverr then you are going to have to have this agency license. upsell number three is chatter pal premium voice pack this is $37 is going to give you 49 Ultra premium text to speech voices that are not available anywhere else. These are the most lifelike voice available on the web right now. These voices generally pay per use but would cost and would cost customers 1000s of dollars to license but today, you can get access to the ultra premium lifelike voice pack a low one time payment of $37. That is pretty cool. Especially if you’re going to be selling this on Fiverr you want to be having different voices and stuff. So number four is chatter pal internationalist 20 $29. This upgrade activates a very powerful unique feature in the app that auto detects where the website visitors coming from translate the chat to a language without any human intervention needed. This is really cool. This is pure artificial intelligence intelligence of your play, you will be able to maximize your conversions and sales as the chat will tell it will sell to people in their native language. Customers will also be able to activate the option to show languages drop down within the chat box. This enables the website visitors to choose their language from a drop down menu menu manually both auto detect and language drop down drop down work together to maximize results by targeting global audience. Nothing like this has ever been done before. So that’s $29 and that is the fourth upsell that is actually really cool. If you want to be selling this on Fiverr, then you definitely need to get this agency license.


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